Wednesday, August 31, 2005

today was sibei tiring sia...

whole day out.. watched retarded performances.. then go ri and stone.

sick of seeing people and taoing them. its not in my "personality" to tao ppl, but i only get pissed when i actually open my mouth to say "hi" and get tao'd completely. then i just feel damn dulan inside while wanting to hit something.

Im going for WCG Singapore starcraft, but don't intend to train for it. ie i just wasted asteriod's money... and waileong's time for typing in the entries haha.

I want to start studying tmr, but with so many things left undone, i feel veri hopeless... I need motivation.. some kind of push.

"I need chiobu!" - Qix.

hm. read some study guide and tips, one main thing is to have a "place to study", in other words a table, and a comfy chair, away from distraction. I have neither; the only "clear" table i have is in a location thats damn stuffy and hot.. i don't like that spot. I used to study on the bed, but now it will make me feel sleepy real fast.. before i get to study anything.

sighz... maybe i'll go geylang east library... hopefully will have table+chair

Monday, August 29, 2005

starting to dislike being at home.
starting to feel like gelling my hair isn't that bad an idea
starting to think of studying.
starting to hate failing.
starting to train starcraft again.
starting to abandon pw.

its starting to rain down on me.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

"Mandai Orchid Gardens, owned by Singapore Orchids Pte Ltd, and designated by the Tourist Promotion Board as a tourist attraction, is one of the major places of horticultural interest in Singapore." -

I hate it when people don't listen to me; especially when im right. I already said I read everything in the project some other person did elsewhere. I just couldn't say where. If i wasnt the one summarising the draft2, something 'interesting' would have happened to us.

I think i shud start mugging... but now got more distractions... like wcg starcraft.. hahaha. Shall try and spend the hols doing meaningful things... like not playing counterstrike. sigh...

Monday, August 15, 2005

I got home at... 5pm? its 11.25 pm now.

i just spent about 5 hours doing my project work draft. I compiled everything... making all the tidying up and stuff, then realised that there were numerous loopholes in the draft. we didnt explicitly say how it would benefit society, and most imptly we didnt say anything on acknowledgements. in fact, there ISNT an acknowledgements page.

i feel that what i have done today is worth nothing to the kauh. she will just decide that there is no acknowledgements page and screw us for it. oh. and im not printing any appendixes... neither does my contents page say what appendix a equals to.


I think. im not going sch on tuesday. hence, im not going for PW this wk. since, one of my members didnt do anything yet. thus, i shall try and get him to do the second page of contents and print the appendix. meanwhile, even if he once again doesnt give a shit and does nothing, im not going to sch on tuesday.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the statement strikes a chord in me.
Am is a fun game. I should have stopped.
someone pls teach me shadow..

PenDolSa HALL OF FAME.;4025083;;/fileinfo.html

Have Phun.

EDIT: Oh, and Happy National Day.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Don't tell your problems to people, unless they are directly involved with the solution. And don't give excuses. Successful people seek out people who look and sound like success."
...from some lifeskills material.

Got thoroughly trashed in the PS tourny.
I guess people can't appreciate my style of psing ^^.
Comments given by people include :

"the stops due to change in direction
slowed down the pen speed"

"the psing is not smooth because there
is a lot of change in direction."

"the pen is too long."

... at least i don't have to prepare another video on Aug 9... haha.