Friday, June 30, 2006


Germany : Argentina
3 : 2

Italy : Ukraine
1 : 0

England : Portugal
1 : 1 (pen)

Brazil : France
3 : 2

Germany : Italy
3 : 0

Brazil : Portugal
2 : 1

Germany : Brazil
2 : 0

Have Phun Watching!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

All humans are mammals.
All mammals are animals.
Hence, there are some humans who are animals.

a) true
b) false
c) valid
d) invalid

Answer: D, because the statements do not prove that humans exist.
GG Computron

Thursday, June 15, 2006

eww... brazil match was quite disappointing.. only one goal, and most of the shots on goal were from outside the box... just drilling. Ronaldo was being inactive.. literally not doing much, he had like one shot on goal after like 70 minutes... and missed. Well, it was more jing cai than the stupid french match, got ronaldinho running thru the defence and then their passing will screw up. Did well bah.. the defence close in v. fast so they din have space to move.

i missed the spain match >< cos i was feeling pissed with people who tell me not to watch when im watching, then tell me to watch when im not. 4:0 i only saw one. waiting for yahooworldcup to update for the matches. next match was quite drama lol... didnt know SA could score goals. didnt stay up for german match, even though i slept at like 3;30.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

w00t Korea 2 - 1 Togo haha thanks i can go be gambler liao


p.p.s. Those ppl downstairs HATE FRANCE TOO.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

lol.. i found a malaysian channel called SCTV.. showing live telecast of World Cup matches... stupid singapore tv.. stupid starhub, and u know.. i dun think the damaged malaysia feed was accidental.

anyw.. so far all the matches ive watched have been jing cai.. for example, i didnt watch teh england match. lol.. that one was damn funny when i read it in the papers.. cant imagine how people sat thru the remaining 87 mins. haha i watched
Germany-Costa (6 goals)
Mexico-Iran (4 goals)
Japan-Australia (4 goals, although it was going to be 1 haha japan damn sad sia)
Czech-USA (3 goals)

lol all very jing cai.. i think mexico was the best, czech match was gd all the way. reference to the portugal 1-0, netherlands 1-0 sweden 0-0 haha... only thing that was gd and i missed was the argentina one.. which was before i got the sctv haha. heres my picks for today

KOREA - Togo (guess which side im supporting. predicting 2:1, maybe 3:2 cos im watching it)
Brazil - Croatia (^^ expectations are high) but i have no idea how im going to stay awake until 3am... maybe ill watch france.. although i suspect it will be a 1:0 game. well, if the brazil match has less than 3 goals u know i did watch it =P

btw its nice having a coffee shop 12 storeys away.. somehow the distance doesnt dampen the "GOAL!!!!"