Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey world. Here's a wassup from the U S and A. This puddle got up in a cloud and is now some place else. I feel quite proud of the me i am now, studying diligently and all.

Questions in my head (as usual) pop up and ask me if this is the me I want to be. Where did the irresponsible me go? Hidden inside a beast ready to be unleashed? Do I really wanna waste my life away playing games was questions i got in the past. Now I ask myself if I am making enough friends, whether ignoring people in my dorm or being unfriendly to party animals is humane or socially responsible. I do not yet know if my decision to focus of studying is a good idea, or even where I will be in 3 years time. What I know is, once in a while I'll come here and put down my thoughts, and I will know that sooner or later, maybe 1 year, maybe 1 day later, someone will read it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for letting me know that the sun still shines on this puddle left behind.

Friday, April 24, 2009


yeerk. *expresses disgust* I think this puddle is rather full of depressing rants I wouldn't want to go through when I grow up. anyw, animorphs aside, I shall refer one back to 4 posts ago to the otaku declaration.

With Eden of the East, I've hit 1500 episodes watched. At least, thats how many I've logged so far. FMP, FMA, Rave are all not in the log, tgt they make up nearly 300 eps. thats... 600 hrs or 25 days of anime watching. I wonder if that's more than the time I spent on WoW yet. haha.




Monday, March 16, 2009

In retrospect,

I want my life back.

Regret is expressed,

Yet I did nothing to change things.

Life is a game with no save points,

and choices are forever.

Denial and procrastination,

still rule my Life.

In my world,

It's raining.