Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You know you either need more sleep or have used firefox for too long when you try to right click - shift up mouse to open word documents.

in other news, my parents lost their passports in china. so fun. dun worrie for them, cos they already have tickets and travel documents and will come back at 3am. haha

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a few weeks ago i read about the SG govt intending to provide free WIFI (basically wireless internet) services all over singapore next year. at 512kbps. the other pay-to-use companies responded saying they will probably have a 35MBPS connection running by end of next year.

I felt that the government was undertaking another rotten apple project (outside look good, inside crappy) that would probably be using up enough money to keep hundreds of less fortunate families from eating instant noodles for MONTHS. considering the upkeep on that connection, i think the money could just be used on the kids with the school pocket money fund. Why get people to donate a couple of million bucks a year through performances when the government can just give a billion or two to the foundation? And its not going against the idea of no welfare either, since the children shouldnt be the ones suffering because their parents had a bad education (or even lacked one) and thus couldnt find a job... it required the death of one parent to get a family 500k (which is a ridiculous sum, that i felt should have been shared with other families in the same plight instead).

Anyway. The Gahmen probably will have to upgrade the thing if it is to stay up-to-date and all, but on reading a certain advert in the papers, i realise that WIFI isnt just some exclusive thing for people who have laptops. Something called SkyVoice and its akan datang (soon-to-come) copies will potentially half singtel and stahub's handphone business market share. remember skype and video messenging? only have to pay for your internet to use them? NOW YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR THE BLOODY INTERNET CONNECTION. GGnore

hah. i disclaim anything here that may be offensive to anyone. i know the ideas here arent really original or new. just that i think some other people are slower than me and can read this. heh. guess ill need to get a new phone soon. Do you think the wifi will be available at Tekong? ahahaha.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I think its called a "Revamp"? haha layout is different! yay! took quite a while to kope the code and edit it... and it didnt help that the stupid image cache screwed up my positioning of the links. so ya ive been helping zhouyue with her new blog and design. I think the concept art is not bad but the area is a llitle small.. and the text is harder to read than mine. spent quite long trying to get shadows on the text to let u see it (which was AFTER i realised u cant make the colours invert themselves when its like black words on black text in html, which sounds quite basic to me ;p) then i realised glow is about the best i can get. so now each letter makes its own nice space in the black black stuff so u can barely read it. Black on white on black isnt what i would call friendly to the eyes... maybe a font colour change? although that would go against the general idea of black,grey,white..

on to more ... pressing.. matters.

MATHS C : 80%
FMATHS : 50%
ECONS : 5%

Am i sad? ya quite. does NOT help that i have to go to school for 1.5 hrs a day. instead of just going there for a full 10 hrs and be done with the whole revision crap they are holding. I wouldnt say its completely utterly stupid and useless, but I can probably do double the work IN THE TWO HOURS I SPEND GOING TO AND FROM THE BLOODY JC.

another thing. can we ban the J1s from going to the school library? they dont fucking need it. Don't give me that crap about mugging in school when they're tests arent counted anyway and dont have to try to qualify for any S papers. Anyw i dun really think the lib is very conducive for studying. i think the time i spent stoning in bishan lib with qix and kenneth was better.

ive been concentrating a lot on maths this past week but i fear im running out of time. hopefully the boat will naturally become straight when it enters the channel...

p.s. January 11th 2007, BMTC School Two, Pulau Tekong. lawl.