Tuesday, September 27, 2005

hm. not saying anything about my family makes this blog... not - special? hahaha and i think i shud stick to not doing so... somehow feel that "getting discovered" was a good thing...lol what am i saying.. i guess i shud have just used the url changer.. then again.. i wouldnt have this nice template if not for it haha ^^. Silver Clouds... Slivering...

hm. havent been studying much in the past three days.. tennis,, sleep,, and ... Salad Days!! Argh.. shud have read it in like.. secondary school.. might have actually done something for me.. then again... RI... no girls hor? -_-" Its the society's fault!!!

anyway i got "hooked on it" i shud say.. 18 books in 18 hours.. in two days.. just finished it.. ie i just wasted the whole of monday and tuesday. its generally a comic for ss people bah.. and.. i don't think it can happen to me.. not in Singapore for that matter... feeling lethargic now.

hehehe. anyway.. find everything i read now (econs) bland.. very slow progress.. people i want to talk to arent online.. so.

anw. trying to not go into hiatus.. (my update rate sucks now anyway.. cant complain about father here anymore) trying to not get retained.. more or less gave up S already.. which is like.. sudden death for rj ppl... i seriously cannot get to j2 at this level... help man.. help woman...

Leaving you with the stuff written on my COMSSA!!
[ 펄 승 ] <- Never Give Up!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

What did the dog say to the tree?

Why does the Ten-Year Series feel sad all the time?
Cause it has a lot of problems.

Why can we call the chemist a genius?
Cause he has all the solutions.

Where can MEP students find work?
Part-time conductors in the semiconductor industry.


Friday, September 16, 2005

fear of the unknown... thats what i first felt was the reason why relationships are so difficult to maintain.. i was wrong, though.

I believe it is true that people have differences, different tastes, upbringing, and beliefs.. but i don't understand how getting to know someone makes you want to stay away from him/her. I don't understand why attitudes btwn people can suddenly become so "ginger" within 3 mths.. I have no idea why.

perhaps i was just an eyesore to them and they were thankful to be rid of me. I think it was my own fault. I wasn't trying to get to know them, and kept telling others of their bad sides, such as their practise of daoism, which they have employed (maxed out lvl i believe) on me now. I suppose someone both they and i knew told them about my bad-mouthing.. I have resolved to not backstab anyone... in fact.. i wont say anything about other people.. only quote and show others his/her own work...

hm. thats still damn bm. amyway i have become generally loner to other ppl... but its only cause i feel that i already found a cliche i can stone with.. in other matterss...

i haven't tried buayaing yet.. and will probably lay it off till until uni... which is... a "stomach" "branch" "tree" as of now.. since i am wastying time watching anime and blogging now... after all, i need money to support a relationship.. it seems... a good example would be a certain 10 A1 scorer i know who has a *cough* lotof *cough* girlfren. he obviously has more cash than me.. i shall stick to being a g3y nerd, although i can eat meat on fridays... *ahem*.

I think i need to improve on my subtlety skillz.. that was quite obvious man..
maybe i can type in 13375p34k 50 7h47 p30p13 w0n7 1307h31~ 70 1~34d 7h15...

EDIT: omg... insignificantvoice.blogspot.com ... someone.. took it already... and he has... more than 15 blogs... i say... wadduff

Thursday, September 15, 2005

he left today... rather, he went back today...

didn't really play a part in getting the presents.. but hope he liked them anyway. he seemed very non-descript today... somehow distant. wish him all the best.

if he's reading this... shud still be on the plane though... he better update his blog more often, like 1/day.. since we wont really get to talk to him online anymore...

and.. OEI! Remember to wear seat-belt!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

hols are over...

realised i had some essay to do over the hols.. oh well.. see how tmr then.

didnt get to study much during the hols. lots of other stuff to do.

couldnt study at home, so i went to geylang library a total of twice. second time it was so full i couldnt even just get a chair w/0 table to read on.

tennis was fun ^^

was utterly trashed at wcg2005, but hey it was a fun experience of getting laughed at by two PRCs who both trashed me and happened to know each other... also got the sg wcg tshirt! haha limited edition? lol and the nice nametag...

shall spend more time in school for each day now.. after school you will find me in the library haha... realised how tables and chairs are gd stuff in rj library.. could they get more? *hint* *hint*

realised not bloggin about stuff that happens at home makes my blog veri stagnant.. but oh wells...

heyyy chalet was phun! haha altho i got a small cut on my head (yes, its a cut not just a bruise) mahjong was gd stuff..

"Ahhh! who was keeping my yi1 tong2!!! my shi2 san1 yao1!!!"-shaman

long time since i had a barbecue, man.. got to eat interesting beef haha usually don't eat western at home.... lol my chicken wings no blood! lol my extreme micro wing wasnt cooked though, lol..

"Welcome to KFC! what would you like?"
"RAW MEAT!!!" - shaman

lol wont forget koh's extreme pwnage with the mspad.. mg.. that.. was.. bad egg...