Saturday, September 09, 2006

3113 Fire Noodles (Die Die Must Try; like, really die):
I ate it. "Shiok" might not be an accurate description of the insane triple chilli icons beside its name. Stupid trowa.. both of us suicided on it yesterday.

You know how damage of time spells work? now imagine the 3113 chilli is a stackable spell. amount of damage i was taking basically multiplies over time cos i was eating mouthful after mouthful. Doesn't help that i drank (cold) water. Thats like "amplify damage" in all senses of the word. Had to stop eating after i took the first sip. Tongue felt like it was peeling.

Well at least now i can say that i ate it. All of it. So did trowa, after a fashion lol. Not a very good thing to eat first time to Thai Express, but you should try it. Its a .. fascinating .. experience.

Aftermath: I predicted that the chilli will do weird things to my stomach. Somehow that didnt prevent me from going to bubble tea and drinking coffee-milk-tea. Stomach started bubbling soon after. i can safely tell you its not a comfortable feeling at all. Went away after a while, so i ignored it. Reached home, and quickly downed "Bao Zai Yun"(tm) if you dunno what that is, its basically something that constipates you to prevent you from, erm, excessive diarrhea. After that, logic then went to sleep and i did some very stupid things.

I drank milk. Fresh milk.

Now, we know that chinese are lactose intolerant people, and that fresh milk on its own can cause diarrhea for us. Also, when you have indigestion, it is generally suicidal to drink milk. Well, since logic was out of the window, i drank a full cup of milk.

My stomach exploded.

You know those cool science experiments in secondary school where you mixed acid and base and you get cool reactions, resulting in salt precipitates and sometimes gas? Hm. Chilli is acidic, thats why its spicy in your mouth. Milk is also a common household basic liquid. Somehow that didnt occur to me until i started feeling things get a little rowdy in my stomach.

Flew to the kitchen and got myself a cup of teh-o (thats tea without milk) and drained the cup. Have to note that teh-o is actually basic too ya? thats why it helps with stomach gastric and stuff. But somehow it helped and i didnt even have to go to the toilet. Cool ya? then i stayed up to 3:30 am lol. What do you expect? i just drank a cup of Coffee-milk-tea and a cup of hot tea.

Meh. I don't think i'm ever going to eat 3113 ever again.

Monday, September 04, 2006