Sunday, December 03, 2006

A levels are over, SAT2 is over, its about time i ended my hiatus. I realise many people i know and have come to recognise as part of my social life and circle are going to return to their home countries. Somehow i know im not supposed to feel sad for them, because they probably sorely miss their parent(s), even if there are some who would rather not face them. I understand that we must go our separate ways, and yet i hope that we will stay in touch, through cyberspace.

Other regrets come to mind, such as not putting in enough effort for prelims and even before that. People who have been studying hard and getting their As throughout deserve to get it again. Do I? Im not sure i deserve even that 4As, much less and distinctions in S papers. I could easily blame it on WoW, but i know that was a choice i myself made, and can only regret. I told myself during As that i would give my best shot, and face it without regret. But that was only momentary, and lethargic thoughts are creeping up on me again.

I am sure i will be able to take a mediocre result and step on towards NUS. But I am rather certain (confirm with chop) that someone in my household will remember it for me, and make sure i remember it for the rest of my life (or his). Scary flashbacks to the time when i was sent to a lesser JC come to mind, vivid like a nightmare im now dreaming. "RI so what? You are nothing." thats the kind of encouragement i recieve from my father. I am not sure how i will cope with his inconsiderate rantings should i fail to perform at least as well as my brother. "Hopes held high" would be a good description of what my brother has on me...

People often talk about how elders put onto the younger ones their burdens and all their regrets. They will go all out to try and prevent the young from making the same mistakes and facing the same consequences. It is not difficult to see that one who gets an overseas degree has a brighter future than a toad in a red dot, especially if Singapore isn't well known for that field of study in the first place. I can feel the hope resting on my shoulders, and i have no where to rest it.

Will I too sit on my ledge and watch as my friends take flight?

Friday, November 03, 2006

while some parts of this video is rather close to propaganda and the classic case of "you see what we want you to see" i think some issues they brought up are food for thought.

in the light of the A levels coming, if u ppl think you have 1.5 hrs to spend watching this... lol okay you don't have that amt of time. so just remember to watch it after its all over.
a few hours ago i made the shocking discovery that ice cubes can exist at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius.

new day new discoveries.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You know you either need more sleep or have used firefox for too long when you try to right click - shift up mouse to open word documents.

in other news, my parents lost their passports in china. so fun. dun worrie for them, cos they already have tickets and travel documents and will come back at 3am. haha

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a few weeks ago i read about the SG govt intending to provide free WIFI (basically wireless internet) services all over singapore next year. at 512kbps. the other pay-to-use companies responded saying they will probably have a 35MBPS connection running by end of next year.

I felt that the government was undertaking another rotten apple project (outside look good, inside crappy) that would probably be using up enough money to keep hundreds of less fortunate families from eating instant noodles for MONTHS. considering the upkeep on that connection, i think the money could just be used on the kids with the school pocket money fund. Why get people to donate a couple of million bucks a year through performances when the government can just give a billion or two to the foundation? And its not going against the idea of no welfare either, since the children shouldnt be the ones suffering because their parents had a bad education (or even lacked one) and thus couldnt find a job... it required the death of one parent to get a family 500k (which is a ridiculous sum, that i felt should have been shared with other families in the same plight instead).

Anyway. The Gahmen probably will have to upgrade the thing if it is to stay up-to-date and all, but on reading a certain advert in the papers, i realise that WIFI isnt just some exclusive thing for people who have laptops. Something called SkyVoice and its akan datang (soon-to-come) copies will potentially half singtel and stahub's handphone business market share. remember skype and video messenging? only have to pay for your internet to use them? NOW YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR THE BLOODY INTERNET CONNECTION. GGnore

hah. i disclaim anything here that may be offensive to anyone. i know the ideas here arent really original or new. just that i think some other people are slower than me and can read this. heh. guess ill need to get a new phone soon. Do you think the wifi will be available at Tekong? ahahaha.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I think its called a "Revamp"? haha layout is different! yay! took quite a while to kope the code and edit it... and it didnt help that the stupid image cache screwed up my positioning of the links. so ya ive been helping zhouyue with her new blog and design. I think the concept art is not bad but the area is a llitle small.. and the text is harder to read than mine. spent quite long trying to get shadows on the text to let u see it (which was AFTER i realised u cant make the colours invert themselves when its like black words on black text in html, which sounds quite basic to me ;p) then i realised glow is about the best i can get. so now each letter makes its own nice space in the black black stuff so u can barely read it. Black on white on black isnt what i would call friendly to the eyes... maybe a font colour change? although that would go against the general idea of black,grey,white..

on to more ... pressing.. matters.

MATHS C : 80%
FMATHS : 50%
ECONS : 5%

Am i sad? ya quite. does NOT help that i have to go to school for 1.5 hrs a day. instead of just going there for a full 10 hrs and be done with the whole revision crap they are holding. I wouldnt say its completely utterly stupid and useless, but I can probably do double the work IN THE TWO HOURS I SPEND GOING TO AND FROM THE BLOODY JC.

another thing. can we ban the J1s from going to the school library? they dont fucking need it. Don't give me that crap about mugging in school when they're tests arent counted anyway and dont have to try to qualify for any S papers. Anyw i dun really think the lib is very conducive for studying. i think the time i spent stoning in bishan lib with qix and kenneth was better.

ive been concentrating a lot on maths this past week but i fear im running out of time. hopefully the boat will naturally become straight when it enters the channel...

p.s. January 11th 2007, BMTC School Two, Pulau Tekong. lawl.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

3113 Fire Noodles (Die Die Must Try; like, really die):
I ate it. "Shiok" might not be an accurate description of the insane triple chilli icons beside its name. Stupid trowa.. both of us suicided on it yesterday.

You know how damage of time spells work? now imagine the 3113 chilli is a stackable spell. amount of damage i was taking basically multiplies over time cos i was eating mouthful after mouthful. Doesn't help that i drank (cold) water. Thats like "amplify damage" in all senses of the word. Had to stop eating after i took the first sip. Tongue felt like it was peeling.

Well at least now i can say that i ate it. All of it. So did trowa, after a fashion lol. Not a very good thing to eat first time to Thai Express, but you should try it. Its a .. fascinating .. experience.

Aftermath: I predicted that the chilli will do weird things to my stomach. Somehow that didnt prevent me from going to bubble tea and drinking coffee-milk-tea. Stomach started bubbling soon after. i can safely tell you its not a comfortable feeling at all. Went away after a while, so i ignored it. Reached home, and quickly downed "Bao Zai Yun"(tm) if you dunno what that is, its basically something that constipates you to prevent you from, erm, excessive diarrhea. After that, logic then went to sleep and i did some very stupid things.

I drank milk. Fresh milk.

Now, we know that chinese are lactose intolerant people, and that fresh milk on its own can cause diarrhea for us. Also, when you have indigestion, it is generally suicidal to drink milk. Well, since logic was out of the window, i drank a full cup of milk.

My stomach exploded.

You know those cool science experiments in secondary school where you mixed acid and base and you get cool reactions, resulting in salt precipitates and sometimes gas? Hm. Chilli is acidic, thats why its spicy in your mouth. Milk is also a common household basic liquid. Somehow that didnt occur to me until i started feeling things get a little rowdy in my stomach.

Flew to the kitchen and got myself a cup of teh-o (thats tea without milk) and drained the cup. Have to note that teh-o is actually basic too ya? thats why it helps with stomach gastric and stuff. But somehow it helped and i didnt even have to go to the toilet. Cool ya? then i stayed up to 3:30 am lol. What do you expect? i just drank a cup of Coffee-milk-tea and a cup of hot tea.

Meh. I don't think i'm ever going to eat 3113 ever again.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

i propose that one does not donate money because his peers do not donate money. if your peers donate 5 dollars each to the famine relief fund then you yourself will be under pressure to donate. After all, donating is a good thing and not donating is not a bad thing. supererogatory ftw.

i suggest the United Nations imposes a 5% income tax on all rich nations in its member states, that is transferred without leakage (ie not used to pay for anything else and thus reduce the amount of corruption that takes place) to poor and impoverished nations of the world. if we all spend the same amount of money helping people who cant help themselves, why would anyone mind? After all that 150/3000 bucks wouldnt really go to anything that is a necessity to our lives.


Tens of millions of people are dying to starvation. A few people are donating billions to charity. 22 billion may sounds like a lot, coming from the 2nd richest man in the world, but the world's population is (1626 hrs +8GMT 27/08/06) estimated to be 6.6 billion. Not counting the perhaps 3 billion people who live in poverty, of which 1.1 billion are subsisting (or not) on less than 1 USD a day, the other half of the world only has to come up with 10 dollars to far exceed that 22b from a single person.

With about 11 million children dying before the age of 5 (2005), from health problems long eradicated in developed countries, we ponder on the concept of medicine, and wonder why despite holding the cure in our hands, we choose to let 11 million human beings die to respiratory infection, malaria, measles and even diarrhea. Instead of waiting for people to pay for the healthcare of other people's children, why cant pharmaceutical companies use their own profits to do some good with their medicine, which in the first place was meant to be a gift of life.

"Bless agriculture and stock raising
Banish all famine and diseases;
Fill the land with good health
And bless it." - part of the S.Africa's National Anthem, "God Bless Africa".

We, the people of the developed nations, have been playing god for so long. with genetically modified food, we have boosted world crop yield multi-fold. we have indeed banished, as mentioned in the previous para, famine and diseases from our own land. What have we done other than that? we have shifted crop yield profits from farmers to those who provide the seeds. some have decided on subsidies to their own farmers to protect markets from others offering the same at lower prices. When supply is too high and threatens to reduce profits (unfortunately reduce prices so that the poor can afford more and live a better life) some choose to burn all the excess. What has this world come to and what has happened to logic and empathy in the face of commercialism? What is stopping us from blessing africa?

"It is poverty to let a child die so that you may live as you wish." - Mother Teresa

Friday, August 25, 2006

"Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart and his friends can only read the title."

-Virginia Woolf

Monday, July 10, 2006

found a game by "Jenova CHEN" hahaha and found it quite fun. didnt have to think much playing it, and i realise i knew what i was supposed to do even without reading the how to play beforehand... lol except that i didnt know exactly how to kill things.. i thot i was too small to eat them.. go TRY IT

haha heres some srcshots (Yes, i was THAT bored) anyw its quite fun, i completed it thrice already. boss fights are fun + the ending currently sucks cos that guy didnt link it back properly. apparently last time when u lost a fight with the bosses you have to restart.

Nice right..
go play haha..
dont bother reading the instructions
just learn on the fly.
gd luck finding out how to get the second unit!
GG i say.

Friday, June 30, 2006


Germany : Argentina
3 : 2

Italy : Ukraine
1 : 0

England : Portugal
1 : 1 (pen)

Brazil : France
3 : 2

Germany : Italy
3 : 0

Brazil : Portugal
2 : 1

Germany : Brazil
2 : 0

Have Phun Watching!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

All humans are mammals.
All mammals are animals.
Hence, there are some humans who are animals.

a) true
b) false
c) valid
d) invalid

Answer: D, because the statements do not prove that humans exist.
GG Computron

Thursday, June 15, 2006

eww... brazil match was quite disappointing.. only one goal, and most of the shots on goal were from outside the box... just drilling. Ronaldo was being inactive.. literally not doing much, he had like one shot on goal after like 70 minutes... and missed. Well, it was more jing cai than the stupid french match, got ronaldinho running thru the defence and then their passing will screw up. Did well bah.. the defence close in v. fast so they din have space to move.

i missed the spain match >< cos i was feeling pissed with people who tell me not to watch when im watching, then tell me to watch when im not. 4:0 i only saw one. waiting for yahooworldcup to update for the matches. next match was quite drama lol... didnt know SA could score goals. didnt stay up for german match, even though i slept at like 3;30.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

w00t Korea 2 - 1 Togo haha thanks i can go be gambler liao


p.p.s. Those ppl downstairs HATE FRANCE TOO.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

lol.. i found a malaysian channel called SCTV.. showing live telecast of World Cup matches... stupid singapore tv.. stupid starhub, and u know.. i dun think the damaged malaysia feed was accidental.

anyw.. so far all the matches ive watched have been jing cai.. for example, i didnt watch teh england match. lol.. that one was damn funny when i read it in the papers.. cant imagine how people sat thru the remaining 87 mins. haha i watched
Germany-Costa (6 goals)
Mexico-Iran (4 goals)
Japan-Australia (4 goals, although it was going to be 1 haha japan damn sad sia)
Czech-USA (3 goals)

lol all very jing cai.. i think mexico was the best, czech match was gd all the way. reference to the portugal 1-0, netherlands 1-0 sweden 0-0 haha... only thing that was gd and i missed was the argentina one.. which was before i got the sctv haha. heres my picks for today

KOREA - Togo (guess which side im supporting. predicting 2:1, maybe 3:2 cos im watching it)
Brazil - Croatia (^^ expectations are high) but i have no idea how im going to stay awake until 3am... maybe ill watch france.. although i suspect it will be a 1:0 game. well, if the brazil match has less than 3 goals u know i did watch it =P

btw its nice having a coffee shop 12 storeys away.. somehow the distance doesnt dampen the "GOAL!!!!"

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

haixx i got 640/800/640 = 2080 for sat1... i KNOW its quite gd already... but got people getting 2.2k... even ppl i thought i was better than -_-"

and then u have the bad eggs like velu that are retaking with 2370...

shall retake in october. really regret not signing up for june paper now...

GG, hopefully after 2nd attempt it will be nore.

Monday, May 29, 2006

in other unrelated news,

charles didnt win eswc:wc3 haha...
gosubay didnt win eswc:wc3... but is representing singapore
same goes for sbd in fifa...

very weird how we send people who got 2nd for international competitions. It's quite bad that we send people who already lost (ie know that they are not really the best) for international competitions. of course, they are the "best" Singaporeans, but its quite badmanners letting people from other countries take part in ESWC Singapore. Thats like the malaysians coming over to pwn us during WCG Singapore. Regardless, i dont understand why Singapore lets them do this. Considering they have their own bloody competitions, which these Singapore No.1 malaysians Dont win. gg to singapore.

oh wells. in more unrelated news,
my fridge is in my dining room beside the house door...

"Whats the shortest length? (of handle)"
"Got 150?"
did you know that if u drip water on someone's head non-stop for days on end, the combined pressure is enough to cave in the skull?

well, i feel like someone ( i wont say who, since those who should know already know him very well) has been poking me in the back of my head repeatedly for the last 6 months. i seriously think he doesnt have a clue how much mental torture he's subjecting me to, and probably thinks he's right anyway.

seriously feeling sibei depressed (pun intended) now.

^^ happy holidays to you too.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

youtube's been taking up lots of my time..

ninja moves! Parkour! Traceurs!

gogo its not pr0n or hardgay! just cool moves
my top 16 =D
Costa Rica






Korea Rep.

Saudi Arabia

haha ... this year dun have three powerhouses meeting in group stage.. but might have upsets! like england going out and TnT getting in is a possiblity...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"The English-speaking world is divided into those who have read The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit and those who are going to read them" - Sunday Times

I am in the latter... going to join the former soon. Found a two-year-old copy of LOTR in a bookcase, that my brother bought for me to read... which i didnt. Well, i intend to change that, and with all three parts in one book, its surprisingly unabridged and reminds me of a single copy of The Wheel Of Time... which indeed goes round in circles about a bush with numerous patterns and weaves........ erm.

Anyway the font size is about 7. Thats what happens when u put the entire LOTR into 1000 pages. my eyes tear after 2hrs of reading it, so im making slow progress..

also i regret watching LOTR before reading hte book. Now when i read it my mind is filled with magic... and images of hollywood actors and actresses. I find myself unable to render my own depictions of characters in the book that i have already seen on screen. That has not reduced the book's lure though, the words my brother said so long ago were indeed true.

"Aiyah, get past the first 100 pages then not boring liao."

ha.. that time i reached page 47 i was bored out of my wits and stopped.. now im at 244, and i don't intend to stop, simply because im not bored by the book. Anyone who wants to read it can borrow it from me, it didnt really cost much.. id say $8 for a 1100 page paperback of a classic is cheap stuff. ps. after im done of course.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

condolences to he who will not be reading this entry...

*a moment of silence*

gd night to you too

Saturday, May 06, 2006

woot today is the day of the double post! haha nt cos i didnt blog recently, but cos elektions are over! or at least nothing i say will affect votes anymore =X

a few stuffs i have been thinking about, whether or not its completely my idea nt that impt yes?

1) Tanjong Pagar got a lot of old people, but the lift upgrading programme by the pap doesnt seem to be encompassing that area. maybe its just a given and theres no point saying? what about the people in oppo parties? shudnt the funding be channelled to those who need it most, as compared to giving it to people as a carrot of a stick? (+3% to mount speed)

2a) The opposition party says they will work out a way to give their area lifts upgrading, but somehow cannot spend more than ?10%? of their reserves, and only if the people dont pay more than ?6k?. the PAP says the ongoing lifts upgrading is a PAP scheme... and say that they have ?100 million? prepared to give upgrading to ALL flats for FREE. [?? for i nt sure about actual figures, but thats a damn big carrot] well, i think people may still vote for opposition... not all of them are mules, and not all of them need the upgrading... but the oppo is offering exactly the same thing!

2b) WHO CARES ABOUT THE LIFTS? why shud the lifts make up the main point of contention in the elections? i thot the whole point of opposition is to keep a check and balance on the government (ie PAP) to ensure they dont step out of line? only they have the power to request for financial reports and such.

3) Anyone wondered why the opo people are so active now? methinks it has something to do with the new pm... maybe they think they stand a better chance now. nt to say that LHL is bad... more like LKY is utter gosu. haha all that talk about singapore being soft authoritarian made me think that LKY was actually an authoritarian stuck in a democratic government.

4) what will happen if LHL doesnt win his grc? that will be A.D.(assured destruction) for our economy, our government and our way of life. wow.. doesnt that sound like terrorism? one wonders why he's in a contested grc...

*) haha if you don't vote its a crime... that entails a $5 dollar fine! At least thats what my sources state... nt sure about repeat offenders.

disclaimer: nah beh.. dun come after me for this k? anything incorrect here is not to defame anyone, im just some insignificant puddle typing stuff for my frends to absorb and serve as food for thought.
haha kudos to zy for winning the compy!
looking forward to your medal tally at imo!

*yum* h333.. dont feel the least bit guilty anymore.

took sat1 today. methinks shud be able to get full score on maths bah... hope don't end up like hung lol... english and writing nt v. gd though, essay i couldnt get my conclusion out, only took like 1.4 pages. (at least i beat charles haha) and there was this question where i didnt knwo the meaning of ALL 10 words in the answer save 1... and i put "A" for it! hahaha i dun like playing zero-sum games in 1Player. anyw i think 2k shud nt be that hard to get, but i think 2200 is unattainable. cos my time damn short sia... got one part i left 3 questions blank, then came back from break to tikam(this means GUESS). zz stupid chen... said he had extra time for all sections, and knew all the meanings of all the questions.. sibei demoralised cos of him.

zzz... a bit late to start, but anyone know any GOOD books that have @&$! vocab? Stephen King might be a bit overkill on the vocab side for me.

lol got linked to this site from one of the cs sites i visit... cool description no?

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?'

Minghan --
A person who is constantly high


David Kwek --
A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

ah nvm... i realised the site doesnt give the same thing for the same name.. boo...
anyway the last thing i got was:

Zhenghao --
A person who falls into an outhouse and dies


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Good priests never die; they just fade away." - Allakazam (WoW)

"He tinker therefore I AM" - Me

"Form a big rock lah. Big rock must go US then can see" - Changyuan

"The system is currently busy. Please try again later." - password change system.

Girls don't like boys; girls like cars and monehhh ....
Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funnehhh ....

Monday, April 17, 2006

dont really have anything to put here...
this is one of those for-the-sake-of-entry entries...
and i still didn't have anything to put here...
so i went to find something to paste here!

What is neurally mediated syncope?

Neurally mediated syncope (NMS) is called also neurocardiogenic, vasovagal, vasodepressor or reflex mediated syncope. It's a benign (and the most frequent) cause of fainting. However, life-threatening conditions may also manifest as syncope. NMS is more common in children and young adults, although it can occur at any age. NMS happens because blood pressure drops, reducing circulation to the brain and causing loss of consciousness. Typical NMS occurs while standing and is often preceded by a sensation of warmth, nausea, lightheadedness and visual "grayout." If the syncope is prolonged, it can trigger a seizure. Placing the person in a reclining position will restore blood flow and consciousness and end the seizure.

nuff' sed.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

day of randomness.

SuperBand :: ended being a lousy rubber bland. (parns intended)
after so much hoohaa, i realised some of them are cmi before they started singing
"wuha! wuha! wuha!" i thought there was something wrong with the speakers and mics... nobody who was shouting sounded like he was shouting... and nobody seemed to be making much hoohaa at the place.. i think those ppl who were at suntec were falling asleep standing.

some bands ( in order of appearance since im watching now):
= b6 "Jade" sounds okay.. but they died anyway.
= b7 "Yuan1 Shen1 Dai4" is better. they sound a bit like a choir, but got cool boombox ppl haha. the lead singer looks like some getai guy i saw before... loL... the judges dun like them
= b8 "jingbaoyuetuan" cool they're not bad... they actually pull off being a chinese band haha. the speakers pwnt them though.. haha lead singer kiss mic = louder.
= wtf. the host "milk" just pwn'd all the ppl before him in dancing... gg to all the groups that only sing and dance.
= b9 Juz-b! siledouyaoai! msiaomfgwtfpwn. hahaha lol 'tis biased opinion. hm judges giving opinions in chinese lol... pronunciation nt gd, their speed was too fast, but the lead singer can reach! haha.
= b11 milubing? sounded nt bad.. but the mic pwned them.. SERIOUSLY THEY SHOULD NOTICE NOBODY COULD SING LOUDLY (except the guy who kissed the mic throughout the song)
= b12 eyecandy. they ok lar.. most girls can sing -_-" father says.. they go on tv famous liao... can... "go nightclub and sing." wtf.
= b13 defuse. father says... "the lead sounds like he's robbing a bank." lol... i can stop giving my own comments liao.. his are damn entertaining. heres mine: the guitar is good haha.
= b14 duet: where sthe band? BUT they sing well.. like... 14 > 1-13 kind of WELL. wonder how come they are considered a band... but they arent gonna get kicked this rnd.
= b15 dumpling :: "YiKao-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!". lead is okay bah.. i think he pullllllllllllll too much liao.
= b17 SOUL - <89757> "see, must have two ppl sing, youre not wanglihong youre not zhangxueyou, cannot sing alone" .. haha yeah they are good. dancing is sync'd, they're singing sounds like a boyband. haha they look like one of those that already have contract and come and bm.
= b18 snoopy* LastbanD the red devil v. power... the rapper is the only one in the compy lol.. the judges seem to like them. i dun really like them. "nt bad" basically repeated wat the judges said.

omg its 11pm... stupid gheys made the thing too long. kk nightz all

"GGxxyyzz..." "!?!?"

Thursday, March 30, 2006

ughz. haha missed school to go for medical checkup =D
went there at 1000... only ended at 1400... woot sia.

stupid instruction form... i wore pt attire
(only one i had = big RJ sign on front and back -_-")
was getting mixed reactions...
1) polite = probably ex-rafflesian 20%
2) bochup = probably "erps why he wear this" 50%
3) tmdknnccb = doesnt like RJ 30%

went in... the ppl mostly wearing home clothes... got some wearing jeans lol.. pt attire my s.
sigh.. started with urine test... damn systematic all the tests,. the guy was like
"take bottle take stick. instructions in toilet." for everyone who walked past him.

after that got blood test... at first is the pin prick one... not worth mention, then, got the take blood to send for tests one
i was standing in the queue, watching ppl get their blood samples taken. dunno if it was ph34r, but i tried to suppress the urge to run away.. at that point, i realised there was this interesting sunspot in front of my eyes... then i put my hand to my chest (dun ask y) and couldnt feel my heart beating o.O
"I think my heart stopped beating." - utterly retarded statement, but yes.. i was quite shocked.
then the doc asked someone to help him support me... i took two steps, and i had this damn big black patch in the middle of my vision... took another few steps out of the room with support, all i had left was the edges of my vision
sat down and lied down on some leather bed thing (like those for psychatric) and suddenly my vision went back to normal... doc ask me rest and ask me if i ate breakfast etc..
w00t manz. i say that was eventful... i think right... i didnt panic at all.. everything was ... rather bochup now that i think back of it.. i think i was thinking i was having a heart atk.. but no pain, so cannot be. haha mesa no likes fainting.

after that more or less nothing liaoz *breaks for lunch brb*

ps. i advise wearing something you can take off easily.. will be spending about 30 minutes with your shirt off.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

omgwth. cgc teacher got some "anti-addiction" guy to talk to execo. ... they want cgc to teach parents to play maple story.

heh. anyw...

econs: 43.3%
fmaths: 32.9%

(to those whom it may concern)
before you feel sad... haha note that there are other ppl who are as screwed up as j00, are f1ll3d w/ t3h ph34r... and are going to go poke little mushrooms on mapleSEA in about 5 minutes.

ps. Joey FTW!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

National Olympiad in Informatics

fact #1: 50% of participants recieve medals, G:S:B ratio is 1:2:3.
fact #2: there were 80 participants.
fact #3: i already got silver last year.
fact #4: i seriously think i could have done 300% better (i think my performance was about 3/10)
fact #5: i still got silver this year.
fact #6: i think i missed gold by one question, which i should have been able to complete in 20minutes, but somehow i didnt manage to finish reading the question. might have been because of lack of sleep...
fact #7: RI got first, HC(high) got second.
fact #8: RJ got first, HC(jc) got second.
fact #9: Hurray.


Hols So Far:

fact #1: i got my world of warcraft shaman to lvl 48.
fact #2: ive been playing this game all day, all night.
fact #3: i will probably play it after this.
fact #4: if i dont reply to your msn chat.. im probably in a full-screen program, no prizes for guessing what.
fact #5: i have a micromouse competition on wednesday (and maybe thursday) after hols.
fact #6: just so happens physics CT is on wednesday.
fact #7: i think i shud study maths.. or die horribly.
fact #8: somehow i know theres no spirit healer in Singapore.
fact #9: i think my tremor totems wont save me from t3h ph34r...

(or rather)...


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hm. got nothign much to say. except that i seriously need sleep (yes, wesley too), have a competition on saturday (yes, yes, practising now...) and do not intend to do work until after saturday.

Hm. took a funny srcshot a few weeks ago, ppl who play wow will understand it fully, and perhaps with a little thinking you would g37 73h funn13 700.


Friday, February 17, 2006

i hate this feeling.

and i hate ppl who give this feeling to me.
.. nevermind.

Monday, February 13, 2006

"Read between the lines
What's fscked up and everything's alright
Check my vital signs
To know I'm still alive and I walk alone"

♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥
|-|4|`|`Y \/.|)4Y 2 7|-|053 w/ 5|`3(14|_ 50/\/\3-1s

and those who have theirs overseas,
love has no boundaries ^^

and those who have no0ne,
remember you're alive and that
you're not the only one.

~. i walk alone .~

Sunday, February 12, 2006

heyy.. does everyone who read this thing know i have a quotes page?... its on the bottom left hand corner k... "QUOTA" links to it. somehow i think i prefer the 5x larger windows document .html to this notepad one.. cos of all the colour and font editing deleted when i transferred it to notepad... sigh... and i even took the trouble to add
to every single line in that notepad file.. i rocks right?

ps if you want proof go view source... got one nice margin of
there. hehe jokeoftheday.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

well.. took noi test yesterday... from 3.30pm to 10.30pm.. * yawn * got back at 12.20 manzzZ.
well i got 5th... so im in.. so yay! ^^

but i feel i could have done better.. a lot better.. esp on counting triangles.. where i scored 10/100... sighh.. so i went to analyse possible mistakes.. and those i found were... quite bad.

my N choose R function made me put a 31! into a maximum 2^32 integer... for those who don't understand... i tried to put a 32 digit number into a memory size suited for a max 10-digit... worst part is... the way to work around it is so simple... the code is shorter than the wrong one!!! gragh..

for (c2=2; c2<(line+1); c2++)
//n!... basically where i end up with the 33!

a= a*c2;
for (c2=2; c2<(line-2); c2++)
//(n-3)! ..

b= b*c2;
c= (a / b) / 6;

for (c1=(line-2); c1<(line+1); c1++)
//n(n-1)(n-2) ... max 32736. -_-"

a= a * c1;
c= a / 6;

...for loop at the end of the program is supposed to pick the n highest variables and subtract them... sounds simple? i thot so too... but my for loop subtracts the highest variable n times!!! w333...

.... could have easily gotten 2nd or 3rd... and about double my score. oh wells reflection over. time for some sleep. ~yeahh~ sleep.

Friday, February 03, 2006

hm. update on my drawings...

haha i can draw eyes that appear to be the same size now...
probably just need more practice..

anyw i realise most manga artists dun draw legs...
even in the full page pictures ppl are usually cut off at just below the waist...
hence i have no idea how to draw legs.. lol..

can more or less draw faces now..
although i still cant show anything other than happy and sad.
not very gd at clothes.. find it very very hard to get the
silhouette right, and even harder to make the clothes look like gravity is acting on them.. err nvm if u dun get it.

ps. i have no idea how to draw long hair..

Thursday, February 02, 2006


ph43r 73h G00g13 5t0ck5 m4n...

nuff said.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

*my mousepad*
at first i thought it was just dirt, but when the 'dirt' kept coming back everytime i rubbed it off, and even when i put a piece of cloth to cover it... i realised it might be mold T_T"

so i dettol'd it... now its mold-free! and also 99.9% bacteria free!... i also do not want to touch it...

well.. im very happy that its okay now...
so happy that i decided to blog about it. ^^

Sunday, January 29, 2006

converted my quota.html from a 250kb file to a 72 kb file ... so now its bigger! lost all the formatting though... if you want the formatted one... tell me.. i will decide.
with much effort if i might add...

<--- View it Here!!!

"wow i just hung my notepad" - me
"wow you are uber pwnage" - shaman
"how did that happen mah" - shaman
"i used "replace all" ona 250kb file" - me
"wow" - shaman
"you have reached the pinnacle of uber pwnageness" - shaman
"thaanks" - me

"just thought of a method... that will give my finger cramps" - me
"wad? retype?" - shaman
"its called the [Down - Home - CtrlV] method" - me
"omg... you suicidal?" - shaman

"{Left - Down - ` - ReplaceAll} is more ownage than {Down - Home - Ctrl V}" - me
Finished reading /\/\36470ky0 up to the current strip! (thats >800 strips!)

"suddenly" very interested in sketching anime lol... although the only cai2 liao4 i have is the SamuraiX series and Suzuka... the latter being very unsuitable for existing anywhere near sight of my parents... stupid author likes suggestive covers... anyw, dun have a scanner nor camera (yes, i dun even have a cam now) so i guess i wont be showing anything i drew to anyone ^^. I realise i could bring it to school though.. but i shall wait until i can draw without copying wholesale from the comic itself.

ps. Guys are a lot easier to draw!
pps. Clothes are hard to draw, but Eyes are worse!
ppps. Drawing Anime is Phun!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


*points to self* is a middle middle class child. mmm.

I think that children in our society today are too protected. Pampered and spoilt would be more negative terms to describe this. There is this particular J1 i met in RJ not too long ago, and i can safely say that if he had not gone to RJ he would have gone to the hospital a few times before january ended. His (yes, its not a girl) incredible lack of the ability to phrase his sentences in a way that does not offend is indeed a double-edge sword. That is, if you intend to piss off anyone you speak to. He... seems to be very full of himself. I cant say thats a bad thing, but when he speaks to fellow J1s with such confidence, such lack of any form of respect, its difficult for me to say that thru-train is a good measure.

Well, enough said about that one bad example, I feel that most kids/adolescents are very protected by their parents. Me, being self-proclaimed middle middle class, has not done house work (excluding washing shoes or ironing my own clothes) for about a year now.. basically am not asked to help. How many people you know can say they know how to eat fish stomachs? Currently i cant eat most of it unless i use my hands to pick off the bones. My parents were both in poor families and keep telling me about how their lives were like when they were young, but we still throw away food that we cant finish (if this sounds perfectly normal to you, youre in the same boat as me).

What i'm trying to say is that this protective barrier we have around us might actually have negative effects... its like how, if a [very very rich] kid lives in a very very clean house when he is young, and almost never has to leave the house, the day he finally does he may find that he is allergic to dust, allergic to grass, and end up in a hospital from normal bacteria we face everyday. When we finally leave this protection to strike out on our own, how far can we truly go before we meet something we have never had to face before? Singapore's no guns, no drugs, no pr0n, and all those death penalties; all of which would only amount to a fine in another country. Racial and Religious harmony is such an important aspect of our society that our tolerance towards Race and Religion has become a given; Racist comments (among people who know each other) are easily taken to be jokes. Such is not the case in other countries. With the recent terror events that have shaken the world about (but apparently not Singapore) people are becoming intolerant and untrusting of others of different race or religion.

In the end, how far can we truly go in this world, after being in our protective environment for so long? Only time will tell, if the tenderf337 of Singapore can survive the world outside the Matrix.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

bought a razor for $19 today...

well.. i can say i wont be needing to use it for a few weeks hahaha

i used the conventional manual razor blade kind before.. and by comparison,
the braun 350 s*cks. very very badly su*ks.
"maybe i dunno how to use it?" righttt...

My upper lip red liaoz.