Thursday, November 20, 2008

err. 10 days ago anyway.

The day i was so sure would change my life forever came and went, and i just wasted away 10 days of my "precious" freedom by sleeping at 4am and waking at 2pm the last 9 days. Almost everyone else i know is already working parttime to earn some form of upkeep. Myself, i seem to be becoming a hikikomori (for those who understand) and staying at home doing nothing but sleep, play psp, play fallout 3 and listen to music. All the stuff that everyone said was okay to do.. but obviously not to the level im at right now. I downloaded star ocean 1st departure and finished it in 2 days.. then i restarted -again- to get different characters into the party. [sidenote. its really not bad an rpg once u get the hang of it its very easy to complete the storyline] Nothing done about starting to mug for uni or even what i said about applying to overseas again. everything about life is kinda at a standstill.

Tomorrow im going to attempt to wake up in the AM time slot for the first time in 10 days. wow. i said it. 4AM - 2PM is a healthy amount of sleep but in an unhealthy timeslot. If im *ever* going to have 3 meals a day... haha ill have to wake up in time for breakfast.

I hope ill be able to go for that dso attachment with pw and chen and krit.. although i have no idea how much ill be able to contribute to whatever research is being done, i suppose the laojiao looking after me probably wont expect much from me either (i hope). using this as the reason i have somehow made myself believe, that i am unable to find a job as of now cos i dunno when my internship will start and end... complete BS to my conscience lol. I could try finding weekly temp jobs... but that will probably be best paying during christmas? eww.

Now that i think of it, the only thing good i did so far was read. However my chosen read was fiction so there was no knowledge.. my denial self tells me thats to increase my reading speed because i havent been reading enough i read slow now. which is quite true. im trying to finish a book a day. but the way i do it is greatly different from how the pros do it. i finish it in a day. I dont do anything other than sleep read and eat. Thats definitely not healthy either.

end of rant. imma go play more star ocean.