Tuesday, July 26, 2005

heres a version that doesnt need divX codec -_-"
lower quality and size.. but at least u can see it.


after that u can watch kai's *ahem* non-entry PSing...

comments will be appreciated...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Been doing B3 tutorials again, and still cannot do some.. had to check copied answers for workings... but it has been paying off. realise i can remember stuff like d/dx cotA = -(cosecA)^2 easier now... but still haveto check notes once in a while lol.

still playing lots of comp everyday.. have to stop soon... taking part in some PS tournament on UPSB... haha.. you can watch my submission vid from the link "MH freestyler". utter waste of time lol. i think i took about 1 hour in total to get 5 seconds of vid... could have done like.. two maths questions lar!

giving up on passing NAPFA for this year liao. I think i injured myself or something.. otherwise how did i "improve" from doing 1 chinup to 0 chinups? Thats after about 2 weeks of weights... lol. light weights.. okay?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bryan (br-i-en) [noun]
Definition: Reveals important plot elements from books or movies, thus denying the reader (of the article) the proper suspense when reading the book or watching the movie.
e.g. "Wesley! Don't be a Bryan!"

I have to say sorry to people of christian faith i might have offended during physics lecture a few days ago. not that any of them will be reading this. I was feeling a bit high on not getting a single A or B in my four subs, and needed to talk, a lot. Err... I think i might have offended Eunice. =x How many times you go to church a week is none of my business, and frankly it doesnt really affect your grades either. I only elaborated excessively because she refused to say what she did at home... When someone asks you what u do at home, you don't reply "go to church".

hmm. I was being crude, insensitive and too straightforward. Sorry. I realised that harping on her results made me feel better because there was someone who did worse than me. Somehow I didn't take into account that it was pretty obvious she was feeling unhappy with it as well... k. I think i'm not going to say sorry to her, cos she probably won't understand why anyway.

Final results: CDEO - A(cl)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

new blog, first post.

well the concept of this blog has been there for a while, but i kept delaying finding a suitable template to customize.. and as things go i was "forced" to recreate my blog. didn't really take very long to get this up.

I learned that not everyone appreciates someone being frank and honest. They'd rather I stayed in denial and fake everything about my life. They feel i shud keep things about my family to myself. I say they can go fuck themselves. I should be like 's' and put a password on my blog or something.

if you think that someone who has a dysfunc family and almost no social life cant be your friend/acquaintance, you won't be reading this more than once. I'm not sure if i'm an introvert now thanks to interesting abilities of people to forget other people within the span of 2 months. i do not blame any 'thing' for putting me in this family. I mean, its not that bad in the first place.

"Always look on the bright side of life."

There are always people worse off than you. At least i have parents who are financially sound, can provide me with good food, a nice house, and like.. pocket money. who doesn't have naggy parents right? I'm the only one complaining? Only difference is that i have a dad that can go crazy over something damn small like me not telling him what time i'm meeting my frens becoz i didn't know what time i was meeting my frens... when he's normal he's fine. he can discuss things, make lewd jokes, and buy me stuff. but his temper is weird. you really have to experience it yourself to realise how.

There. thats it about my family. Probably will try not to mention them again. oh. Btw i have a brother. he's quite nice to me.