Monday, November 28, 2005

Been a long time since my last post.. shall fill u in on what ive been up to for mi holss.

havent done any homework... lol.. i guess thats wrong right? i might be rushing stuff after christmas again...

got Wheel Of Time - Knife of Dreams from kenneth.. my read speed maxes out at 30 pages per hour... so.. i havent finished it. spent super long on it already. BTW.. this is the ELEVENTH book in the series. ^^

Got hooked on warcraft 3 RPGs.. find myself on custom games looking for RPGs hosted by americans.. and then spending hours on them.. and if i like them.. i host them myself =D.. and spend even more time on them XP.

Tried to find a WheelOfTime MUD (MUD = Multi-User Domain) so i can play a fun RPG haha,, but the one i played was boring and i found myself playing an old MUD called AardWolf... that had nothing to do with my Wheel Of Time quarry in the first place -_-" i played it for 17 hours...not all at once.. but within 3 days. lol

been trying to find (or rather my brother has been trying) a 'good' WorldOfWarcraft private server.. but to no avail. and by 'good' i mean playable ping/latency below 3000... the best one we found had 2000+ latency, and some questors were buggy... that was all "bearable", except it was in French. -_-"

haha ive been quite fruitless in my holiday exploits... hm. theres a ricsc camp next wk.. but since its a computer science club camp... i will have a computer! =D and its a leisure camp... i will have fun and games! =D i wuv CSC.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

disclaimer : the following was typed by a self-proclaimed free-thinker (nontheist) any errors in statements are not intended, and are caused purely by this one person's misconception of other people's belief.

dun sue mi, dun scold mi, dun jail mi, just refrain from being a f*cker. zzz its not worth it... should template this...
Just a few things i thought about in the recent past.

1) I don't understand something. Christians are so friendly (type1: when they are trying to convert you, type2: generally damn nice people, type3: when you are alrdy christian) to people, but they will become similar to JI if u try and defame Him. erm defame is a wrong expression. a better one would be if u are named heretic, they will PWN u. now, this is not what i don't understand... i will try and make it sound simple.

they say:
believer vs. non-believer
= equals since to believe is a choice.
make ppl believer vs. make ppl non-believer
= saviour vs. heretic
... which ... have different treatments.
[i dun care what u have to say even if u might.]

2) JI owns malaysia?!? what? heard something about how malaysia doesnt want to ban JI cos... the legal side of JI hires a lot of people... I hope this is wrong. ... either way its wrong. =/

3) "It's not that i don't believe in God or that we have no Creator, I just don't believe in Religion." - puddle 2004.
In elaborated form, what i mean is that i do NOT need anyone's instruction for me to decide not to kill people, commit adultery, or steal.

4) Freethinker sounds nicer than nontheist. not sure where this term came to mean the latter, but "Freethought is the practice of attempting to form one's opinions independently of or unlimited by tradition, authority, established belief, preconception, prejudice or any agenda that might compromise the free exercise of thought. It is pertinent both to religious and to non-religious beliefs. Freethought has at times been narrowly described as entailing an anti-religious perspective, but a freethinker would deny such a view on the ground that any constraint necessarily impedes the free exercise of thought. Thought cannot be forced to run in specific channels or to maintain a prescribed point of view if thought is to remain free." - wikipedia. in english, my thoughts and actions are not affected by religion.

5) i forgot what was supposed to be here cos i had to type a disclaimer to prevent gheys from getting angry over a kid's words and send me to jail for blasphemy or try to pwnz me in sch.

i just reflected a lot of light man... or did i just ripple?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Pk is true => Pk+1 is true"

2in1 BBQ =>
food cooked by self =>
food is <50% cooked =>
not gd for health =>
stomach feels bad =>
diarrhoea =>
diarrhoea =>
diarrhoea =>
diarrhoea =>

didnt really feel that bad for the first few...
still playing cs and climbing maps...
felt worse from cs hangover than stomach pains...
mmm next time can we go sakae...
at least i wont be cooking anythin'

p.s. lets not have a class t-shirt.