Wednesday, May 31, 2006

haixx i got 640/800/640 = 2080 for sat1... i KNOW its quite gd already... but got people getting 2.2k... even ppl i thought i was better than -_-"

and then u have the bad eggs like velu that are retaking with 2370...

shall retake in october. really regret not signing up for june paper now...

GG, hopefully after 2nd attempt it will be nore.

Monday, May 29, 2006

in other unrelated news,

charles didnt win eswc:wc3 haha...
gosubay didnt win eswc:wc3... but is representing singapore
same goes for sbd in fifa...

very weird how we send people who got 2nd for international competitions. It's quite bad that we send people who already lost (ie know that they are not really the best) for international competitions. of course, they are the "best" Singaporeans, but its quite badmanners letting people from other countries take part in ESWC Singapore. Thats like the malaysians coming over to pwn us during WCG Singapore. Regardless, i dont understand why Singapore lets them do this. Considering they have their own bloody competitions, which these Singapore No.1 malaysians Dont win. gg to singapore.

oh wells. in more unrelated news,
my fridge is in my dining room beside the house door...

"Whats the shortest length? (of handle)"
"Got 150?"
did you know that if u drip water on someone's head non-stop for days on end, the combined pressure is enough to cave in the skull?

well, i feel like someone ( i wont say who, since those who should know already know him very well) has been poking me in the back of my head repeatedly for the last 6 months. i seriously think he doesnt have a clue how much mental torture he's subjecting me to, and probably thinks he's right anyway.

seriously feeling sibei depressed (pun intended) now.

^^ happy holidays to you too.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

youtube's been taking up lots of my time..

ninja moves! Parkour! Traceurs!

gogo its not pr0n or hardgay! just cool moves
my top 16 =D
Costa Rica






Korea Rep.

Saudi Arabia

haha ... this year dun have three powerhouses meeting in group stage.. but might have upsets! like england going out and TnT getting in is a possiblity...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"The English-speaking world is divided into those who have read The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit and those who are going to read them" - Sunday Times

I am in the latter... going to join the former soon. Found a two-year-old copy of LOTR in a bookcase, that my brother bought for me to read... which i didnt. Well, i intend to change that, and with all three parts in one book, its surprisingly unabridged and reminds me of a single copy of The Wheel Of Time... which indeed goes round in circles about a bush with numerous patterns and weaves........ erm.

Anyway the font size is about 7. Thats what happens when u put the entire LOTR into 1000 pages. my eyes tear after 2hrs of reading it, so im making slow progress..

also i regret watching LOTR before reading hte book. Now when i read it my mind is filled with magic... and images of hollywood actors and actresses. I find myself unable to render my own depictions of characters in the book that i have already seen on screen. That has not reduced the book's lure though, the words my brother said so long ago were indeed true.

"Aiyah, get past the first 100 pages then not boring liao."

ha.. that time i reached page 47 i was bored out of my wits and stopped.. now im at 244, and i don't intend to stop, simply because im not bored by the book. Anyone who wants to read it can borrow it from me, it didnt really cost much.. id say $8 for a 1100 page paperback of a classic is cheap stuff. ps. after im done of course.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

condolences to he who will not be reading this entry...

*a moment of silence*

gd night to you too

Saturday, May 06, 2006

woot today is the day of the double post! haha nt cos i didnt blog recently, but cos elektions are over! or at least nothing i say will affect votes anymore =X

a few stuffs i have been thinking about, whether or not its completely my idea nt that impt yes?

1) Tanjong Pagar got a lot of old people, but the lift upgrading programme by the pap doesnt seem to be encompassing that area. maybe its just a given and theres no point saying? what about the people in oppo parties? shudnt the funding be channelled to those who need it most, as compared to giving it to people as a carrot of a stick? (+3% to mount speed)

2a) The opposition party says they will work out a way to give their area lifts upgrading, but somehow cannot spend more than ?10%? of their reserves, and only if the people dont pay more than ?6k?. the PAP says the ongoing lifts upgrading is a PAP scheme... and say that they have ?100 million? prepared to give upgrading to ALL flats for FREE. [?? for i nt sure about actual figures, but thats a damn big carrot] well, i think people may still vote for opposition... not all of them are mules, and not all of them need the upgrading... but the oppo is offering exactly the same thing!

2b) WHO CARES ABOUT THE LIFTS? why shud the lifts make up the main point of contention in the elections? i thot the whole point of opposition is to keep a check and balance on the government (ie PAP) to ensure they dont step out of line? only they have the power to request for financial reports and such.

3) Anyone wondered why the opo people are so active now? methinks it has something to do with the new pm... maybe they think they stand a better chance now. nt to say that LHL is bad... more like LKY is utter gosu. haha all that talk about singapore being soft authoritarian made me think that LKY was actually an authoritarian stuck in a democratic government.

4) what will happen if LHL doesnt win his grc? that will be A.D.(assured destruction) for our economy, our government and our way of life. wow.. doesnt that sound like terrorism? one wonders why he's in a contested grc...

*) haha if you don't vote its a crime... that entails a $5 dollar fine! At least thats what my sources state... nt sure about repeat offenders.

disclaimer: nah beh.. dun come after me for this k? anything incorrect here is not to defame anyone, im just some insignificant puddle typing stuff for my frends to absorb and serve as food for thought.
haha kudos to zy for winning the compy!
looking forward to your medal tally at imo!

*yum* h333.. dont feel the least bit guilty anymore.

took sat1 today. methinks shud be able to get full score on maths bah... hope don't end up like hung lol... english and writing nt v. gd though, essay i couldnt get my conclusion out, only took like 1.4 pages. (at least i beat charles haha) and there was this question where i didnt knwo the meaning of ALL 10 words in the answer save 1... and i put "A" for it! hahaha i dun like playing zero-sum games in 1Player. anyw i think 2k shud nt be that hard to get, but i think 2200 is unattainable. cos my time damn short sia... got one part i left 3 questions blank, then came back from break to tikam(this means GUESS). zz stupid chen... said he had extra time for all sections, and knew all the meanings of all the questions.. sibei demoralised cos of him.

zzz... a bit late to start, but anyone know any GOOD books that have @&$! vocab? Stephen King might be a bit overkill on the vocab side for me.

lol got linked to this site from one of the cs sites i visit... cool description no?

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?'

Minghan --
A person who is constantly high


David Kwek --
A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

ah nvm... i realised the site doesnt give the same thing for the same name.. boo...
anyway the last thing i got was:

Zhenghao --
A person who falls into an outhouse and dies


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Good priests never die; they just fade away." - Allakazam (WoW)

"He tinker therefore I AM" - Me

"Form a big rock lah. Big rock must go US then can see" - Changyuan

"The system is currently busy. Please try again later." - password change system.

Girls don't like boys; girls like cars and monehhh ....
Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funnehhh ....