Tuesday, December 27, 2005

got a new phone. nokia 6030

no camera.
no infrared.
no bluetooth.

why did i not pay 30 dollars more and get a phone that has all of the above?

i have no idea...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

zzz... i sing very very loudly. other ppl sing.. i sing.. i blk out their sound. completely. quite sure its not proximity to the recorder liao... zzz... not entirely my fault k...

I think next time u ppl go kbox.. i shudnt go. haix.

the only time cheng sang loudly was when i went toilet, i say wtf.
must be i took the mic from him. dun rmber liao. haha... heres proof. ^^

I will.. upload to.. filefront i think. hm. yes i think filefront will handle it better.
clk the filefront link under psing.

edit: finished editing a few. erm. taking requests for censorship now.
gd luck making it through some of them. z0mg. i listened to them all the way thru okay.. except "barbie girl"

2.edit: some of the raw sound files were corrupted. gg. found a cheng solo,情书! but the feedback from ho was imba. cut off the starting part.. so we get about 1 min of cheng and about 2 min of ho. ho ho ho merry xmas...

3.edit: its 12.20 now.. and i can tell u.. its DAMN scary when the corrupted part starts playing... sounds like some alien shet man.. pwnz "The Ring"

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


msn is down.
wow is down.
no longer have a handphone.

i feel cutoff from the rest of the world. at 12.10 am.

i decided to reupload my quotes.. will put the link up soon.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

RIcSc camp was nice... very tiring too... i'm too tired to say much now...

~.~ i lost my handphone... more like it got stolen... having a brain that cant remember a thing doesnt help. i think i might have had it under lock and key in the autolab, which would mean the stupid guards check the room for stealable stuff everyday... Bah. or it might have been a sec one who koped it.. some of them are... qian zou. last thing i sent on it was the sms to tell zhihua "ya." lol...

T_T mmm... survived on 3 hrs of sleep in 48 hrs.. didnt sleep at all on the last day, and ate 3 slices of pizza for dinner.. it was a wonder i managed to forgo food up till 10+ when we reached j8...

^^ 24hrs of DotA/CS was gd stuff... esp since we didnt have to stop for courses... haha i was quite surprised that the sec fours play so well... underestimated the challenge i would face in CS... haha daniel sim is pro sniper wor.. and dota was phun too. ppl like chen, krithin and dc learned how to play dota! lol it was quite sian playing with them sometimes.. but v. funny too.

48 hrs lan cost me 288 dollars... expensive sia.


Monday, December 05, 2005

stumbled onto this while trying to get a ps vid...

""Putfile Says Goodbye To Singapore

At dawn on December 2nd 2005, Singapore hanged a citizen of Australia, despite a plea for clemency from the United Nations. Whilst Putfile is not a human rights campaigning organization, we believe that if a country must have the death penalty, there is no need for it be barbaric. It is enough of a punishment, and a deterrent, to take someone's life in a painless manner, without having to be barbaric about it. Putfile prefers to not continue to provide our free uploading service to a country that executes prisoners by hanging, a method of execution which can take up to six minutes to painfully execute the victim.

For this reason, we are at this time terminating all service to users from Singapore. We shall be happy to restore service following any positive move from the government of Singapore towards abolition of hanging as an execution method.

Goodbye Singapore,


He should have known it was capital punishment for bringing drugs here.. we are not like amsterdam, were drugs and other vices are legal. and it wasnt a small amount he brought in. if we were to give clemency to him, what will other traffickers do in the future? Ah wells... putfile is just one of the many organisations putting themselves behind a man who could have condemned hundreds of singaporean lives by bringing in drugs for the sake of money. it is/was a free service anyway, and making it such that ip 165.xx cannot access it would be easy.. at least they bothered to type so much for such a small country. (other countries won't see this message)

6 chin-ups!

... just thought you should know.