Monday, October 24, 2005

Class Shirt

first of all, i dun like being ignored. its okay to get criticised, its not okay to be ignored and then im the one being bm for criticising other ppl's designs.

second, i think carmen's design trashes everyone elses.. but i think every colour on the shirt means extra x amount of money for the shirt, where y = mx + C, C const.

third, i don't think pink and brown will work. although i think maybe the colours i tried are wrong and maybe the words are too big... you get the idea.

fourth, i spent about 1hr on the "concept" during maths lecture and 30 min in Paint instead of concentrating on my impt OP... hope you will at least look at this.

Friday, October 21, 2005

lol i decided i wont continue editing the raw recordings.. so those u see below are the final few i edited.. mainly cos nobody dled anything from the server (i can check) only hung wants them, so i'll just transfer using thumbdrive. and also cos even if people wanted them the max bandwidth per day is 10mb for my webhosting... i could put them on filefront, but that... will mean u take 5 clicks to get one file. haha.. anyone interested can ask for the songs directly from me... btw the RAW files before editing were 100mb for 20 songs... soooo... and the recording "noise pollution" was quite terrible too.

oh wells.. i edited the last one.. which is my only recorded song, since soon after that the thing ran out of batt... haha sry ppl u will only hv the off key Yi Liao Bai Liao...

kekeke enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2005

zzZ i did say i would do this if someone did it first.. damn u zhihua and wenloong...

Instructions of the tag: Given a topic, you are to write down your answers in your blog, and then send the same topic to 5 other people. Write down the names of these 5 people and link to them on your blog. Go visit their blogs to notify them that they are tagged. The 5 people who are tagged should, in their own blogs, write down the name and the link of the person who tagged them, answer the same topic, and send it to another 5 people, etc.

and so the topic is Top 5 Quirks.

1) when i listen to a song a few times.. "if i like it", then when i hear it again, on the radio/ on tv, it will get stuck in my head for a while (1 hr or so).. in that time i will be humming the tune, singing the chorus etc... not sure if this qualifies as a quirk, but i do it anytime, anyplace.

2) i dig my nose! with... my fingers! resulting in big nostrils.. or a big nose if u wish.. although i dun like to let ppl know that, i dun really have a choice, since i seem to always have "sighness" that doesnt stop... flu? lol i'll be dead already. I think today i was sick bah.

3) i still luv my stuffed toys! three of them sleep with me! got one dog, one small dolphin, one big dolphin. hehe. i luv dolphins too.

4) hm. I play guitar. sounds normal? well, i only know one song, and i only play that one song. a few times. everytime i play the guitar. haha. i never bothered to learn anything else, not being able to sight-read is a reason.

5) fifth one ar... i "like" to chase buses... haha.. realli no idea what else to write le.. mornings i know roughly what time the bus comes, so when a bit late i will walk fast fast until i "within running distance" of the busstop, then i will (shud be habit liao bah) slow down and relac a bit. if i see the bus then i will run fast fast and catch the bus. lol.

the five people i shall saboh..
kai hong

Sunday, October 16, 2005


promos are over... one week sort of "break" ended yesterday... i got sick yesterday too.. walked from j8 to sch, then immediately went into library.. think i caught a cold. thought it was just sighness (however its spelled) but it wasnt.. lol i wanted to sleep, then remembered got peacemaker and scraprin at 11pm.. so i stayed awake.. wah felt like shet man.. okay now le.

one of my frens under academic review.. i v. sad.. but also no choice bah. he damn slack one.. now getting #(^&$ by teachers liao.. only one teacher standing up for him sia.. the rest... hate him. haix dunno what to say lor.. make me feel damn lethargic oso.

zzZ can we have outing soon? that we implies generally anyone i know. hm. i think. im. quite. desperate. for. an. outing. go kbox again oso never mind. watch movie waste money oso never mind. LaN oso never mind. tennis, i WANT, so never mind. anything oso can... lol why everyone so sad with their results... im not complaining about anythign lor.. and besides, when you feel sad/dulan/sian/pissed you can go kbox and scream it all out what.. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

blah.. they dont sound gd.. and ppl like to talk a lot haha like me... some sound gd though.. maybe i shud just edit those.. and dont bother about the rest...


enjoy! i think.

Monday, October 10, 2005

it was funnn... first time i scream so much using dan tian.. too bad i still cant reach the bloody notes.. hahahah never mind.. i think ill be the only guy (who went) who still has his voice tmr morning.. hehe.

wah tired.. just wanted to say.. i recorded about 24 tracks, and am going to (soon) edit them.. haha too bad theres no shijiemori.. only have the yiliaobailiao which i went off key hahaha... cos the wewa! PMC ran out of battery hahaha.

most bm ppl today.. top 3 hall of fame:
me. sitting beside the mic doesnt help.
eunice. uses mic.
the auntie who comes in to ask for drinks. her voice projection is ownage too.

dasongsihaveee:D -
mambo no.5


Friday, October 07, 2005

Eh. Happy Birthday.

hahaha.. in chinese it would actually be remembered as the day your mother suffered immense pain for you...

its not a special day for anyone i know. I also dun care if i get anything from anyone. cos.. if they (you) give me anything, i'll have to give you somethign in return.. otherwise it will be bm.

zong zi.. recieving gifts from guys is... wrong. haha or should i say meaningless? which would make gals giving me gifts... wrong. cos it would mean something. lolz

tmr shall go act like its a normal day... and hopefully nobody is going to sing the song after econs exams.. i will feel.. like.. jia..wei..

Happy Birthday to ME!

Monday, October 03, 2005

shomthing's wrong with blogger... everyshting ish in a shtraight line!. whhaii?