Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Some things can't be said (anywhere). But that doesn't stop people from making bad guesses about the truth.

I think I think too much. About everything. This phenomenon occurs more after midnight. I feel like its driving me a little insane (like father like son huh..) I hope (to whom can i hope?) that I don't end up stifling shouts that come out from illusory arguments I have with myself in my head in the middle of the night, or ever ever record myself saying go to sleep and replaying it over and over on my handphone until my son goes to sleep. But hey, if you hang out with someone for too long, you become him.

I kinda like being overseas... I just lost my trend of thought as I thought in retrospect how he managed to piss me off over Skype without actually talking to me. Sigh.

I don't like being a codemonkey; but that's what I'm good at for now. Does it matter what I want to do? Nope, probably not. At least not for a few years, and even after that I have to hold someone's balls to get what I want.

Eh. I just decided that I don't need the last 2 paragraphs at all. (Simply listening to him move around behind me is enough to make me agitated) Screw the opening lines too.

Hello world, I'm not gay (I don't mean happy), and never will be. Please stop behaving like I might be.

Hello the rest of the world, I know I look like I take drugs and want your money, but I really only take medicine and I'll earn your money from you legally. Please treat me like a typical geek with neither dress sense nor sleep.