Tuesday, December 27, 2005

got a new phone. nokia 6030

no camera.
no infrared.
no bluetooth.

why did i not pay 30 dollars more and get a phone that has all of the above?

i have no idea...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

zzz... i sing very very loudly. other ppl sing.. i sing.. i blk out their sound. completely. quite sure its not proximity to the recorder liao... zzz... not entirely my fault k...

I think next time u ppl go kbox.. i shudnt go. haix.

the only time cheng sang loudly was when i went toilet, i say wtf.
must be i took the mic from him. dun rmber liao. haha... heres proof. ^^

I will.. upload to.. filefront i think. hm. yes i think filefront will handle it better.
clk the filefront link under psing.

edit: finished editing a few. erm. taking requests for censorship now.
gd luck making it through some of them. z0mg. i listened to them all the way thru okay.. except "barbie girl"

2.edit: some of the raw sound files were corrupted. gg. found a cheng solo,情书! but the feedback from ho was imba. cut off the starting part.. so we get about 1 min of cheng and about 2 min of ho. ho ho ho merry xmas...

3.edit: its 12.20 now.. and i can tell u.. its DAMN scary when the corrupted part starts playing... sounds like some alien shet man.. pwnz "The Ring"

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


msn is down.
wow is down.
no longer have a handphone.

i feel cutoff from the rest of the world. at 12.10 am.

i decided to reupload my quotes.. will put the link up soon.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

RIcSc camp was nice... very tiring too... i'm too tired to say much now...

~.~ i lost my handphone... more like it got stolen... having a brain that cant remember a thing doesnt help. i think i might have had it under lock and key in the autolab, which would mean the stupid guards check the room for stealable stuff everyday... Bah. or it might have been a sec one who koped it.. some of them are... qian zou. last thing i sent on it was the sms to tell zhihua "ya." lol...

T_T mmm... survived on 3 hrs of sleep in 48 hrs.. didnt sleep at all on the last day, and ate 3 slices of pizza for dinner.. it was a wonder i managed to forgo food up till 10+ when we reached j8...

^^ 24hrs of DotA/CS was gd stuff... esp since we didnt have to stop for courses... haha i was quite surprised that the sec fours play so well... underestimated the challenge i would face in CS... haha daniel sim is pro sniper wor.. and dota was phun too. ppl like chen, krithin and dc learned how to play dota! lol it was quite sian playing with them sometimes.. but v. funny too.

48 hrs lan cost me 288 dollars... expensive sia.


Monday, December 05, 2005

stumbled onto this while trying to get a ps vid...

""Putfile Says Goodbye To Singapore

At dawn on December 2nd 2005, Singapore hanged a citizen of Australia, despite a plea for clemency from the United Nations. Whilst Putfile is not a human rights campaigning organization, we believe that if a country must have the death penalty, there is no need for it be barbaric. It is enough of a punishment, and a deterrent, to take someone's life in a painless manner, without having to be barbaric about it. Putfile prefers to not continue to provide our free uploading service to a country that executes prisoners by hanging, a method of execution which can take up to six minutes to painfully execute the victim.

For this reason, we are at this time terminating all service to users from Singapore. We shall be happy to restore service following any positive move from the government of Singapore towards abolition of hanging as an execution method.

Goodbye Singapore,


He should have known it was capital punishment for bringing drugs here.. we are not like amsterdam, were drugs and other vices are legal. and it wasnt a small amount he brought in. if we were to give clemency to him, what will other traffickers do in the future? Ah wells... putfile is just one of the many organisations putting themselves behind a man who could have condemned hundreds of singaporean lives by bringing in drugs for the sake of money. it is/was a free service anyway, and making it such that ip 165.xx cannot access it would be easy.. at least they bothered to type so much for such a small country. (other countries won't see this message)

6 chin-ups!

... just thought you should know.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Been a long time since my last post.. shall fill u in on what ive been up to for mi holss.

havent done any homework... lol.. i guess thats wrong right? i might be rushing stuff after christmas again...

got Wheel Of Time - Knife of Dreams from kenneth.. my read speed maxes out at 30 pages per hour... so.. i havent finished it. spent super long on it already. BTW.. this is the ELEVENTH book in the series. ^^

Got hooked on warcraft 3 RPGs.. find myself on custom games looking for RPGs hosted by americans.. and then spending hours on them.. and if i like them.. i host them myself =D.. and spend even more time on them XP.

Tried to find a WheelOfTime MUD (MUD = Multi-User Domain) so i can play a fun RPG haha,, but the one i played was boring and i found myself playing an old MUD called AardWolf... that had nothing to do with my Wheel Of Time quarry in the first place -_-" i played it for 17 hours...not all at once.. but within 3 days. lol

been trying to find (or rather my brother has been trying) a 'good' WorldOfWarcraft private server.. but to no avail. and by 'good' i mean playable ping/latency below 3000... the best one we found had 2000+ latency, and some questors were buggy... that was all "bearable", except it was in French. -_-"

haha ive been quite fruitless in my holiday exploits... hm. theres a ricsc camp next wk.. but since its a computer science club camp... i will have a computer! =D and its a leisure camp... i will have fun and games! =D i wuv CSC.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

disclaimer : the following was typed by a self-proclaimed free-thinker (nontheist) any errors in statements are not intended, and are caused purely by this one person's misconception of other people's belief.

dun sue mi, dun scold mi, dun jail mi, just refrain from being a f*cker. zzz its not worth it... should template this...
Just a few things i thought about in the recent past.

1) I don't understand something. Christians are so friendly (type1: when they are trying to convert you, type2: generally damn nice people, type3: when you are alrdy christian) to people, but they will become similar to JI if u try and defame Him. erm defame is a wrong expression. a better one would be if u are named heretic, they will PWN u. now, this is not what i don't understand... i will try and make it sound simple.

they say:
believer vs. non-believer
= equals since to believe is a choice.
make ppl believer vs. make ppl non-believer
= saviour vs. heretic
... which ... have different treatments.
[i dun care what u have to say even if u might.]

2) JI owns malaysia?!? what? heard something about how malaysia doesnt want to ban JI cos... the legal side of JI hires a lot of people... I hope this is wrong. ... either way its wrong. =/

3) "It's not that i don't believe in God or that we have no Creator, I just don't believe in Religion." - puddle 2004.
In elaborated form, what i mean is that i do NOT need anyone's instruction for me to decide not to kill people, commit adultery, or steal.

4) Freethinker sounds nicer than nontheist. not sure where this term came to mean the latter, but "Freethought is the practice of attempting to form one's opinions independently of or unlimited by tradition, authority, established belief, preconception, prejudice or any agenda that might compromise the free exercise of thought. It is pertinent both to religious and to non-religious beliefs. Freethought has at times been narrowly described as entailing an anti-religious perspective, but a freethinker would deny such a view on the ground that any constraint necessarily impedes the free exercise of thought. Thought cannot be forced to run in specific channels or to maintain a prescribed point of view if thought is to remain free." - wikipedia. in english, my thoughts and actions are not affected by religion.

5) i forgot what was supposed to be here cos i had to type a disclaimer to prevent gheys from getting angry over a kid's words and send me to jail for blasphemy or try to pwnz me in sch.

i just reflected a lot of light man... or did i just ripple?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Pk is true => Pk+1 is true"

2in1 BBQ =>
food cooked by self =>
food is <50% cooked =>
not gd for health =>
stomach feels bad =>
diarrhoea =>
diarrhoea =>
diarrhoea =>
diarrhoea =>

didnt really feel that bad for the first few...
still playing cs and climbing maps...
felt worse from cs hangover than stomach pains...
mmm next time can we go sakae...
at least i wont be cooking anythin'

p.s. lets not have a class t-shirt.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Class Shirt

first of all, i dun like being ignored. its okay to get criticised, its not okay to be ignored and then im the one being bm for criticising other ppl's designs.

second, i think carmen's design trashes everyone elses.. but i think every colour on the shirt means extra x amount of money for the shirt, where y = mx + C, C const.

third, i don't think pink and brown will work. although i think maybe the colours i tried are wrong and maybe the words are too big... you get the idea.

fourth, i spent about 1hr on the "concept" during maths lecture and 30 min in Paint instead of concentrating on my impt OP... hope you will at least look at this.


Friday, October 21, 2005

lol i decided i wont continue editing the raw recordings.. so those u see below are the final few i edited.. mainly cos nobody dled anything from the server (i can check) only hung wants them, so i'll just transfer using thumbdrive. and also cos even if people wanted them the max bandwidth per day is 10mb for my webhosting... i could put them on filefront, but that... will mean u take 5 clicks to get one file. haha.. anyone interested can ask for the songs directly from me... btw the RAW files before editing were 100mb for 20 songs... soooo... and the recording "noise pollution" was quite terrible too.

oh wells.. i edited the last one.. which is my only recorded song, since soon after that the thing ran out of batt... haha sry ppl u will only hv the off key Yi Liao Bai Liao...

kekeke enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2005

zzZ i did say i would do this if someone did it first.. damn u zhihua and wenloong...

Instructions of the tag: Given a topic, you are to write down your answers in your blog, and then send the same topic to 5 other people. Write down the names of these 5 people and link to them on your blog. Go visit their blogs to notify them that they are tagged. The 5 people who are tagged should, in their own blogs, write down the name and the link of the person who tagged them, answer the same topic, and send it to another 5 people, etc.

and so the topic is Top 5 Quirks.

1) when i listen to a song a few times.. "if i like it", then when i hear it again, on the radio/ on tv, it will get stuck in my head for a while (1 hr or so).. in that time i will be humming the tune, singing the chorus etc... not sure if this qualifies as a quirk, but i do it anytime, anyplace.

2) i dig my nose! with... my fingers! resulting in big nostrils.. or a big nose if u wish.. although i dun like to let ppl know that, i dun really have a choice, since i seem to always have "sighness" that doesnt stop... flu? lol i'll be dead already. I think today i was sick bah.

3) i still luv my stuffed toys! three of them sleep with me! got one dog, one small dolphin, one big dolphin. hehe. i luv dolphins too.

4) hm. I play guitar. sounds normal? well, i only know one song, and i only play that one song. a few times. everytime i play the guitar. haha. i never bothered to learn anything else, not being able to sight-read is a reason.

5) fifth one ar... i "like" to chase buses... haha.. realli no idea what else to write le.. mornings i know roughly what time the bus comes, so when a bit late i will walk fast fast until i "within running distance" of the busstop, then i will (shud be habit liao bah) slow down and relac a bit. if i see the bus then i will run fast fast and catch the bus. lol.

the five people i shall saboh..
kai hong

Sunday, October 16, 2005


promos are over... one week sort of "break" ended yesterday... i got sick yesterday too.. walked from j8 to sch, then immediately went into library.. think i caught a cold. thought it was just sighness (however its spelled) but it wasnt.. lol i wanted to sleep, then remembered got peacemaker and scraprin at 11pm.. so i stayed awake.. wah felt like shet man.. okay now le.

one of my frens under academic review.. i v. sad.. but also no choice bah. he damn slack one.. now getting #(^&$ by teachers liao.. only one teacher standing up for him sia.. the rest... hate him. haix dunno what to say lor.. make me feel damn lethargic oso.

zzZ can we have outing soon? that we implies generally anyone i know. hm. i think. im. quite. desperate. for. an. outing. go kbox again oso never mind. watch movie waste money oso never mind. LaN oso never mind. tennis, i WANT, so never mind. anything oso can... lol why everyone so sad with their results... im not complaining about anythign lor.. and besides, when you feel sad/dulan/sian/pissed you can go kbox and scream it all out what.. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

blah.. they dont sound gd.. and ppl like to talk a lot haha like me... some sound gd though.. maybe i shud just edit those.. and dont bother about the rest...


enjoy! i think.

Monday, October 10, 2005

it was funnn... first time i scream so much using dan tian.. too bad i still cant reach the bloody notes.. hahahah never mind.. i think ill be the only guy (who went) who still has his voice tmr morning.. hehe.

wah tired.. just wanted to say.. i recorded about 24 tracks, and am going to (soon) edit them.. haha too bad theres no shijiemori.. only have the yiliaobailiao which i went off key hahaha... cos the wewa! PMC ran out of battery hahaha.

most bm ppl today.. top 3 hall of fame:
me. sitting beside the mic doesnt help.
eunice. uses mic.
the auntie who comes in to ask for drinks. her voice projection is ownage too.

dasongsihaveee:D -
mambo no.5


Friday, October 07, 2005

Eh. Happy Birthday.

hahaha.. in chinese it would actually be remembered as the day your mother suffered immense pain for you...

its not a special day for anyone i know. I also dun care if i get anything from anyone. cos.. if they (you) give me anything, i'll have to give you somethign in return.. otherwise it will be bm.

zong zi.. recieving gifts from guys is... wrong. haha or should i say meaningless? which would make gals giving me gifts... wrong. cos it would mean something. lolz

tmr shall go act like its a normal day... and hopefully nobody is going to sing the song after econs exams.. i will feel.. like.. jia..wei..

Happy Birthday to ME!

Monday, October 03, 2005

shomthing's wrong with blogger... everyshting ish in a shtraight line!. whhaii?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

hm. not saying anything about my family makes this blog... not - special? hahaha and i think i shud stick to not doing so... somehow feel that "getting discovered" was a good thing...lol what am i saying.. i guess i shud have just used the url changer.. then again.. i wouldnt have this nice template if not for it haha ^^. Silver Clouds... Slivering...

hm. havent been studying much in the past three days.. tennis,, sleep,, and ... Salad Days!! Argh.. shud have read it in like.. secondary school.. might have actually done something for me.. then again... RI... no girls hor? -_-" Its the society's fault!!!

anyway i got "hooked on it" i shud say.. 18 books in 18 hours.. in two days.. just finished it.. ie i just wasted the whole of monday and tuesday. its generally a comic for ss people bah.. and.. i don't think it can happen to me.. not in Singapore for that matter... feeling lethargic now.

hehehe. anyway.. find everything i read now (econs) bland.. very slow progress.. people i want to talk to arent online.. so.

anw. trying to not go into hiatus.. (my update rate sucks now anyway.. cant complain about father here anymore) trying to not get retained.. more or less gave up S already.. which is like.. sudden death for rj ppl... i seriously cannot get to j2 at this level... help man.. help woman...

Leaving you with the stuff written on my COMSSA!!
[ 펄 승 ] <- Never Give Up!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

What did the dog say to the tree?

Why does the Ten-Year Series feel sad all the time?
Cause it has a lot of problems.

Why can we call the chemist a genius?
Cause he has all the solutions.

Where can MEP students find work?
Part-time conductors in the semiconductor industry.


Friday, September 16, 2005

fear of the unknown... thats what i first felt was the reason why relationships are so difficult to maintain.. i was wrong, though.

I believe it is true that people have differences, different tastes, upbringing, and beliefs.. but i don't understand how getting to know someone makes you want to stay away from him/her. I don't understand why attitudes btwn people can suddenly become so "ginger" within 3 mths.. I have no idea why.

perhaps i was just an eyesore to them and they were thankful to be rid of me. I think it was my own fault. I wasn't trying to get to know them, and kept telling others of their bad sides, such as their practise of daoism, which they have employed (maxed out lvl i believe) on me now. I suppose someone both they and i knew told them about my bad-mouthing.. I have resolved to not backstab anyone... in fact.. i wont say anything about other people.. only quote and show others his/her own work...

hm. thats still damn bm. amyway i have become generally loner to other ppl... but its only cause i feel that i already found a cliche i can stone with.. in other matterss...

i haven't tried buayaing yet.. and will probably lay it off till until uni... which is... a "stomach" "branch" "tree" as of now.. since i am wastying time watching anime and blogging now... after all, i need money to support a relationship.. it seems... a good example would be a certain 10 A1 scorer i know who has a *cough* lotof *cough* girlfren. he obviously has more cash than me.. i shall stick to being a g3y nerd, although i can eat meat on fridays... *ahem*.

I think i need to improve on my subtlety skillz.. that was quite obvious man..
maybe i can type in 13375p34k 50 7h47 p30p13 w0n7 1307h31~ 70 1~34d 7h15...

EDIT: omg... insignificantvoice.blogspot.com ... someone.. took it already... and he has... more than 15 blogs... i say... wadduff

Thursday, September 15, 2005

he left today... rather, he went back today...

didn't really play a part in getting the presents.. but hope he liked them anyway. he seemed very non-descript today... somehow distant. wish him all the best.

if he's reading this... shud still be on the plane though... he better update his blog more often, like 1/day.. since we wont really get to talk to him online anymore...

and.. OEI! Remember to wear seat-belt!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

hols are over...

realised i had some essay to do over the hols.. oh well.. see how tmr then.

didnt get to study much during the hols. lots of other stuff to do.

couldnt study at home, so i went to geylang library a total of twice. second time it was so full i couldnt even just get a chair w/0 table to read on.

tennis was fun ^^

was utterly trashed at wcg2005, but hey it was a fun experience of getting laughed at by two PRCs who both trashed me and happened to know each other... also got the sg wcg tshirt! haha limited edition? lol and the nice nametag...

shall spend more time in school for each day now.. after school you will find me in the library haha... realised how tables and chairs are gd stuff in rj library.. could they get more? *hint* *hint*

realised not bloggin about stuff that happens at home makes my blog veri stagnant.. but oh wells...

heyyy chalet was phun! haha altho i got a small cut on my head (yes, its a cut not just a bruise) mahjong was gd stuff..

"Ahhh! who was keeping my yi1 tong2!!! my shi2 san1 yao1!!!"-shaman

long time since i had a barbecue, man.. got to eat interesting beef haha usually don't eat western at home.... lol my chicken wings no blood! lol my extreme micro wing wasnt cooked though, lol..

"Welcome to KFC! what would you like?"
"RAW MEAT!!!" - shaman

lol wont forget koh's extreme pwnage with the mspad.. mg.. that.. was.. bad egg...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

today was sibei tiring sia...

whole day out.. watched retarded performances.. then go ri and stone.

sick of seeing people and taoing them. its not in my "personality" to tao ppl, but i only get pissed when i actually open my mouth to say "hi" and get tao'd completely. then i just feel damn dulan inside while wanting to hit something.

Im going for WCG Singapore starcraft, but don't intend to train for it. ie i just wasted asteriod's money... and waileong's time for typing in the entries haha.

I want to start studying tmr, but with so many things left undone, i feel veri hopeless... I need motivation.. some kind of push.

"I need chiobu!" - Qix.

hm. read some study guide and tips, one main thing is to have a "place to study", in other words a table, and a comfy chair, away from distraction. I have neither; the only "clear" table i have is in a location thats damn stuffy and hot.. i don't like that spot. I used to study on the bed, but now it will make me feel sleepy real fast.. before i get to study anything.

sighz... maybe i'll go geylang east library... hopefully will have table+chair

Monday, August 29, 2005

starting to dislike being at home.
starting to feel like gelling my hair isn't that bad an idea
starting to think of studying.
starting to hate failing.
starting to train starcraft again.
starting to abandon pw.

its starting to rain down on me.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

"Mandai Orchid Gardens, owned by Singapore Orchids Pte Ltd, and designated by the Tourist Promotion Board as a tourist attraction, is one of the major places of horticultural interest in Singapore." - www.mandai.com.sg/orchid.htm

I hate it when people don't listen to me; especially when im right. I already said I read everything in the project some other person did elsewhere. I just couldn't say where. If i wasnt the one summarising the draft2, something 'interesting' would have happened to us.

I think i shud start mugging... but now got more distractions... like wcg starcraft.. hahaha. Shall try and spend the hols doing meaningful things... like not playing counterstrike. sigh...

Monday, August 15, 2005

I got home at... 5pm? its 11.25 pm now.

i just spent about 5 hours doing my project work draft. I compiled everything... making all the tidying up and stuff, then realised that there were numerous loopholes in the draft. we didnt explicitly say how it would benefit society, and most imptly we didnt say anything on acknowledgements. in fact, there ISNT an acknowledgements page.

i feel that what i have done today is worth nothing to the kauh. she will just decide that there is no acknowledgements page and screw us for it. oh. and im not printing any appendixes... neither does my contents page say what appendix a equals to.


I think. im not going sch on tuesday. hence, im not going for PW this wk. since, one of my members didnt do anything yet. thus, i shall try and get him to do the second page of contents and print the appendix. meanwhile, even if he once again doesnt give a shit and does nothing, im not going to sch on tuesday.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the statement strikes a chord in me.
Am is a fun game. I should have stopped.
someone pls teach me shadow..


Have Phun.

EDIT: Oh, and Happy National Day.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Don't tell your problems to people, unless they are directly involved with the solution. And don't give excuses. Successful people seek out people who look and sound like success."
...from some lifeskills material.

Got thoroughly trashed in the PS tourny.
I guess people can't appreciate my style of psing ^^.
Comments given by people include :

"the stops due to change in direction
slowed down the pen speed"

"the psing is not smooth because there
is a lot of change in direction."

"the pen is too long."

... at least i don't have to prepare another video on Aug 9... haha.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

heres a version that doesnt need divX codec -_-"
lower quality and size.. but at least u can see it.


after that u can watch kai's *ahem* non-entry PSing...

comments will be appreciated...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Been doing B3 tutorials again, and still cannot do some.. had to check copied answers for workings... but it has been paying off. realise i can remember stuff like d/dx cotA = -(cosecA)^2 easier now... but still haveto check notes once in a while lol.

still playing lots of comp everyday.. have to stop soon... taking part in some PS tournament on UPSB... haha.. you can watch my submission vid from the link "MH freestyler". utter waste of time lol. i think i took about 1 hour in total to get 5 seconds of vid... could have done like.. two maths questions lar!

giving up on passing NAPFA for this year liao. I think i injured myself or something.. otherwise how did i "improve" from doing 1 chinup to 0 chinups? Thats after about 2 weeks of weights... lol. light weights.. okay?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bryan (br-i-en) [noun]
Definition: Reveals important plot elements from books or movies, thus denying the reader (of the article) the proper suspense when reading the book or watching the movie.
e.g. "Wesley! Don't be a Bryan!"

I have to say sorry to people of christian faith i might have offended during physics lecture a few days ago. not that any of them will be reading this. I was feeling a bit high on not getting a single A or B in my four subs, and needed to talk, a lot. Err... I think i might have offended Eunice. =x How many times you go to church a week is none of my business, and frankly it doesnt really affect your grades either. I only elaborated excessively because she refused to say what she did at home... When someone asks you what u do at home, you don't reply "go to church".

hmm. I was being crude, insensitive and too straightforward. Sorry. I realised that harping on her results made me feel better because there was someone who did worse than me. Somehow I didn't take into account that it was pretty obvious she was feeling unhappy with it as well... k. I think i'm not going to say sorry to her, cos she probably won't understand why anyway.

Final results: CDEO - A(cl)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

new blog, first post.

well the concept of this blog has been there for a while, but i kept delaying finding a suitable template to customize.. and as things go i was "forced" to recreate my blog. didn't really take very long to get this up.

I learned that not everyone appreciates someone being frank and honest. They'd rather I stayed in denial and fake everything about my life. They feel i shud keep things about my family to myself. I say they can go fuck themselves. I should be like 's' and put a password on my blog or something.

if you think that someone who has a dysfunc family and almost no social life cant be your friend/acquaintance, you won't be reading this more than once. I'm not sure if i'm an introvert now thanks to interesting abilities of people to forget other people within the span of 2 months. i do not blame any 'thing' for putting me in this family. I mean, its not that bad in the first place.

"Always look on the bright side of life."

There are always people worse off than you. At least i have parents who are financially sound, can provide me with good food, a nice house, and like.. pocket money. who doesn't have naggy parents right? I'm the only one complaining? Only difference is that i have a dad that can go crazy over something damn small like me not telling him what time i'm meeting my frens becoz i didn't know what time i was meeting my frens... when he's normal he's fine. he can discuss things, make lewd jokes, and buy me stuff. but his temper is weird. you really have to experience it yourself to realise how.

There. thats it about my family. Probably will try not to mention them again. oh. Btw i have a brother. he's quite nice to me.