Thursday, March 30, 2006

ughz. haha missed school to go for medical checkup =D
went there at 1000... only ended at 1400... woot sia.

stupid instruction form... i wore pt attire
(only one i had = big RJ sign on front and back -_-")
was getting mixed reactions...
1) polite = probably ex-rafflesian 20%
2) bochup = probably "erps why he wear this" 50%
3) tmdknnccb = doesnt like RJ 30%

went in... the ppl mostly wearing home clothes... got some wearing jeans lol.. pt attire my s.
sigh.. started with urine test... damn systematic all the tests,. the guy was like
"take bottle take stick. instructions in toilet." for everyone who walked past him.

after that got blood test... at first is the pin prick one... not worth mention, then, got the take blood to send for tests one
i was standing in the queue, watching ppl get their blood samples taken. dunno if it was ph34r, but i tried to suppress the urge to run away.. at that point, i realised there was this interesting sunspot in front of my eyes... then i put my hand to my chest (dun ask y) and couldnt feel my heart beating o.O
"I think my heart stopped beating." - utterly retarded statement, but yes.. i was quite shocked.
then the doc asked someone to help him support me... i took two steps, and i had this damn big black patch in the middle of my vision... took another few steps out of the room with support, all i had left was the edges of my vision
sat down and lied down on some leather bed thing (like those for psychatric) and suddenly my vision went back to normal... doc ask me rest and ask me if i ate breakfast etc..
w00t manz. i say that was eventful... i think right... i didnt panic at all.. everything was ... rather bochup now that i think back of it.. i think i was thinking i was having a heart atk.. but no pain, so cannot be. haha mesa no likes fainting.

after that more or less nothing liaoz *breaks for lunch brb*

ps. i advise wearing something you can take off easily.. will be spending about 30 minutes with your shirt off.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

omgwth. cgc teacher got some "anti-addiction" guy to talk to execo. ... they want cgc to teach parents to play maple story.

heh. anyw...

econs: 43.3%
fmaths: 32.9%

(to those whom it may concern)
before you feel sad... haha note that there are other ppl who are as screwed up as j00, are f1ll3d w/ t3h ph34r... and are going to go poke little mushrooms on mapleSEA in about 5 minutes.

ps. Joey FTW!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

National Olympiad in Informatics

fact #1: 50% of participants recieve medals, G:S:B ratio is 1:2:3.
fact #2: there were 80 participants.
fact #3: i already got silver last year.
fact #4: i seriously think i could have done 300% better (i think my performance was about 3/10)
fact #5: i still got silver this year.
fact #6: i think i missed gold by one question, which i should have been able to complete in 20minutes, but somehow i didnt manage to finish reading the question. might have been because of lack of sleep...
fact #7: RI got first, HC(high) got second.
fact #8: RJ got first, HC(jc) got second.
fact #9: Hurray.


Hols So Far:

fact #1: i got my world of warcraft shaman to lvl 48.
fact #2: ive been playing this game all day, all night.
fact #3: i will probably play it after this.
fact #4: if i dont reply to your msn chat.. im probably in a full-screen program, no prizes for guessing what.
fact #5: i have a micromouse competition on wednesday (and maybe thursday) after hols.
fact #6: just so happens physics CT is on wednesday.
fact #7: i think i shud study maths.. or die horribly.
fact #8: somehow i know theres no spirit healer in Singapore.
fact #9: i think my tremor totems wont save me from t3h ph34r...

(or rather)...


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hm. got nothign much to say. except that i seriously need sleep (yes, wesley too), have a competition on saturday (yes, yes, practising now...) and do not intend to do work until after saturday.

Hm. took a funny srcshot a few weeks ago, ppl who play wow will understand it fully, and perhaps with a little thinking you would g37 73h funn13 700.