Monday, July 10, 2006

found a game by "Jenova CHEN" hahaha and found it quite fun. didnt have to think much playing it, and i realise i knew what i was supposed to do even without reading the how to play beforehand... lol except that i didnt know exactly how to kill things.. i thot i was too small to eat them.. go TRY IT

haha heres some srcshots (Yes, i was THAT bored) anyw its quite fun, i completed it thrice already. boss fights are fun + the ending currently sucks cos that guy didnt link it back properly. apparently last time when u lost a fight with the bosses you have to restart.

Nice right..
go play haha..
dont bother reading the instructions
just learn on the fly.
gd luck finding out how to get the second unit!
GG i say.